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Mom Jeans. May Very Well Be Your New Favourite Band

If you’re in the search for your new favourite band, then look no further because we think Mom Jeans. are the perfect fit.

Mom Jeans.

Source: Facebook

Mom Jeans. are an effortlessly likable group of dudes who proudly embrace their love for sad punk and emo” – or so the band (not the particular style of jeans) introduce themselves on Bandcamp. To be honest, they pretty much nail it on their likeability and it’s easily confirmed by their fast rise. Their vibe is extremely laid back, and listening to a track feels like peering into a mate’s journal. Most tracks have that acoustic vibe, with a no-nonsense lyrical approach, one that will no doubt lead to comparisons to the likes of Modern Baseball.

One of the reasons why Mom Jeans. are so likeable is they don’t take themselves very seriously – and it shows in their music videos, and also the artwork for their debut full-length Best Buds which features them looking pretty stoned. That of course speaks more about their personalities, but it’s relevant with how present they make it in each and every single one of their songs. With goals to “prompt audiences to shred their worries and simply bounce along”, we’d say they’re pretty darn good at it.

As with any emo band, most of the lyrics are poignant: “The reason why I try so hard to be nice /Is so no one else will leave me behind,” and that’s probably why they’re so relatable to begin with (sorry for the extra emo there). Occasionally it seems that even when speaking in a stream of consciousness manner, the band’s lyrics are effortlessly poetic: “Baby I’m sorry / Things didn’t work out the way that I planned / But we both know that planning’s not my strong suit.”

There’s something so magical about Mom Jeans. that’s almost difficult to articulate, but it’s in the way they can pull at your heartstrings and make you feel sad, but forget your worries at the same time. It’s one of those “you have to hear it for yourself” instances – so we encourage you to do just that.

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