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Cringe! The Most Memorable On Stage Wardrobe Malfunctions

From nip slips to pant rips, we take a look at five memorable (and horrifying) wardrobe malfunctions.

Wardrobe malfunctions – the moment all performers dread and the rest of us enjoy watching over and over again on YouTube (don’t deny it)! Among its victims is Britney Spears, whose wardrobe malfunction recently graced the headlines. During a recent Las Vegas show, Spears got a little surprise when the back zipper of her already revealing body suit broke. I guess you never know what you’ll see at a Britney Spears show! It may have been slightly embarrassing for the wardrobe malfunction veteran, but Britney did not let a silly broken zipper stop her. So, in an effort to leave Britney alone, let’s highlight other memorable (and cringey) on-stage wardrobe malfunctions.


Janet Jackson

Oh, Janet Jackson, the big kahuna of wardrobe malfunctions. How could we forget that famous tit slip at the 2004 Superbowl half time show?!

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