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Meet Your New Favourite Band: Glass Giants

Holy moly Wales have churned out another band ready to infiltrate the airwaves. Say hello to Glass Giants.

Source: YouTube

Source: YouTube

It is crystal clear that flamboyance runs through the veins of quintet Glass Giants. What the Welsh lads lose in years spent together (they formed in 2013), they sure make up for in pop rock nuggets.

Put it this way, their debut EP, Cocktails & Bikinis, will leave you praying that you are left with any teeth, so sweet are the tunes on offer, with chorus’ that’ll make you internally combust.

Still don’t get it? Cast your mind back to when Kids In Glass Houses burst onto the scene, fresh faced and full of melodic bombs that would have us trembling with fear waving the white flag. Yup, Wales have gone and produced another and with latest single, ‘Up All Night’, one that should have everyone salivating for a new record.

It is crystal clear that Glass Giants are in for the long run and could be bigger than their name suggests.

Check out ‘Up All Night’ and see if you can listen to it just the once. Betcha can’t.

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