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McDirection? Pop Supergroups We’d Love To See!

We look at which pop acts could resurrect their careers as supergroups. McDirection anyone?

McFly One Direction

Source: Promo Photos / Facebook

It’s won’t be long until everyone’s favourite X Factor boy band One Direction call time (for now at least) on their six-year career. Thousands of 1D fans will be crying into their branded tissues and posting their beloved memories onto social media, just like all the fans of Jonas Brothers, JLS, and the 13 fans of One True Voice suffered before and much like what Busted fans had to endure in back in 2005, before they reunited with McFly to create the superior (though debatable) McBusted!

When not all of the 1D solo careers go the same way as Robbie Williams’, they may need a leg up and this is when the two world’s of McFly and One Direction can combine to create the unstoppable OneFly or the more probable McDirection! No one is crazy enough to predict the future (well apart from Nostradamus and Mystic Meg, but then no one has heard of her since the 90’s), but just imagine a year into the future when certain member’s solo outings have gone as successfully as The Wanted‘s. When the world of fame and fortune only offers eating bum holes in the jungle with Chico, an offer to join forces with McFly could be tempting. With Harry Styles and Zayn Malik omitted due to predicted career performance, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne and Niall Horan could easily step into those Vans of Busted’s James Bourne and Matt Willis. Niall can bring his guitar and the boys can bring their superior vocal abilities.

But if this doesn’t go to plan, there could be other groups who want to get a taste of the success of McBusted.

Source: Promo

Source: Promo Photos

MacDonald brothers and Jedward – Jedward Mac
When two sets of the most famous siblings from X-Factor join forces, they become Jedward Mac, the UK’s best all male Fleetwood Mac covers band. Their version of ‘The Chain’, with Jedward in full Formula One get-up would be a mouth-watering sight to behold. What’s more, they would probably only charge an extra large bag of tropical Skittles for performances – a bargain!
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