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Mannequin Madness: Our Top 8 Mannequin Challenge Videos From The Music World!

Freeze for the camera!

We’ve seen a fair amount of random social crazes throughout the years. From The Ice Bucket challenge in 2014, to The Condom Challenge in 2015. And we couldn’t possibly let the year end without another social media craze. So thanks to a student from Edward H. White, Jacksonville, 2016 can now end with The Mannequin Challenge. Bon Jovi, Hillary Clinton, Beyoncé and even Snoop Dogg couldn’t resist. So here are our top 8 best mannequin challenges from the music world.

In at number 8…Beyoncé and Destiny Child….. stood in a child’s play area?!

Britney’s back with her dance crew as they pause for the camera in workout positions. Whoever is doing the plank must have abs of steel!

In sixth place is the rapper DESIIGNER, who successfully got an Adidas shop to freeze and pose for the mannequin challenge. Look out for the pandas.

Rae Sremmurd are up next as they got an entire crowd to pause for 10 seconds just to film the challenge.

In fourth place is Snoop Dogg, Kanye West and Black Star, who got an entire office to pause in their busy state of eating and applying makeup whilst the camera runs around and down to the restaurant and outside and to the gym. Wow!

Joining in on the craze is Hilary Clinton and Bon Jovi who stand still on an aeroplane. Lets hope the captain isn’t playing!

Mashed N Kutcher decided to pause the party in Pache, Sydney, to their remix of Rae Sremmurd ‘Black Beetle’ as the fans froze only till the beat drops.

The best mannequin challenge yet has to be from Five Finger Death Punch as they get a whole crowd of 10,000 people to pause in crazy positions. The Fans will do anything!

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