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Limp Bizkit Release Strange Video For Endless Slaughter, So Here Are 5 Of Our Fav Weird Rock Videos

With Limp Bizkit releasing a crazy video for new track ‘Endless Slaughter’, we revisit five of our favourite weird and wonderful videos from the world of rock music. Check it out!

Limp Bizkit

American nu-metallers; Limp Bizkit, have released the video for their new track “Endless Slaughter”. The track has met with mixed response, with the general consensus being that the new material from the band is a bit, well, odd. True to form, Fred Durst and co haven’t let us down with the accompanying video either, which is a wonderfully strange montage featuring completely unrelated clips of each band member engaging in random activities.

Of all the music genres in existence, it could be argued that rock and metal have the biggest monopoly on bizarre imagery and trippy videos, frequently satisfying our appetites for those dark and macabre ‘WTF’ moments that we all secretly quite like. In celebration of the weird and wonderful release that is “Endless Slaughter”, we’ve put our heads together and come up with five of our favourite outlandish, eccentric or just plain peculiar music videos. Enjoy!

‘Endless Slaughter’ – Limp Bizkit

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