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Joel And Benji Madden Appear on MasterChef | Here Are Some Other Musicians We’d Like To See On The Show

In honour of Joel and Benji Madden’s MasterChef appearance, we put together a list of musicians that we think would be excellent additions to the show.

Benji and Joel Madden MasterChef

Source: Screenshot

Our favourite pop punk twins Joel and Benji Madden have recently appeared on MasterChef Celebrity Showdown. We, of course, were extremely impressed and surprised to find out that members of a pop punk band can actually cook and don’t just eat takeaway pizza all day!

Here’s a snippet of the show:

In honour of Joel and Benji’s Masterchef debut, we put together a list of other musicians we think would kick ass in the kitchen.

  • Mark Hoppus (blink-182) – Mark is a mad genius, and sometimes, he’s just mad. We think he’d definitely be the guy to invent a new weird food combo that would become an overnight sensation! Or, at the very least, he’d be entertaining to watch. We don’t doubt that his kitchen would be a battlefield—diced vegetables, eggshells, flour would be all over the place.
  • Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters) – Dave Grohl can basically do everything. The man is a Chameleon! So it only makes sense for him to be a wiz in the kitchen. We’re pretty sure he was even a judge on MasterChef Indonesia, so he clearly knows a thing or two about cooking.
  • Hayley Williams (Paramore) – She writes, she sings, she manufactures hair dye! We’re sure she could whip up a casserole! There’s nothing that blonde-sometimes-orange-haired angel can’t do.
  • Jack Barakat (All Time Low) – Okay, so we don’t think he’d necessarily be a great chef. In all honesty, he’d probably make some weird alcoholic beverage and call it dinner, but nevertheless, with his witty banter and outrageous antics, Jack would be the most entertaining guest of all.
  • Jared Monaco (The Maine) – If we learnt anything from The Maine’s Miserable Youth YouTube series, it is that The Maine aren’t only talented musicians, but they are also pretty solid in the cooking department. And since Jared’s girlfriend is a star baker, we can only assume that he’s picked up a thing or two.
  • Steven Tyler (Aerosmith) – We have no doubt that Steven Tyler would get on the show and just crush it. He seems like the type of guy who’s at home cooking spaghetti Bolognese for his family when he’s not touring and being a badass rockstar.

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