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Jared Leto’s Starring In A New Movie – Here’s Five Other Parts We Reckon He Should Play

Jared Leto is to star in a new Hollywood biopic, but we’ve thought of five other roles we reckon he’d be perfect to play.

Source: Press Shot

Source: Press Shot

Fresh from playing The Joker in the love-it-or-hate-it film of the summer Suicide SquadJared Leto has revealed he has secured another Hollywood leading role.

The 30 Seconds to Mars frontman will star as artist Andy Warhol in a biopic of his life, based on Victor Bockris‘ book Warhol: The Biography. Multi-talented Leto will also produce the film.

Here at MOSH, we had a think about some more parts we think Leto would be great to play, ranging from a classic film remake, a biopic and some we’ve totally made up (if any of these get made, we want royalties). So grab your popcorn, over-priced (and undercooked) hotdog and brace yourselves for five brand new movies starring Jared Leto… 

Jared Leto stars in: ‘The Kill’

Source: Hearts

Source: Hearts

We can picture Leto playing a badass Liam Neeson in Taken type character, who will stop at nothing until he seeks the ultimate revenge on a sworn enemy: ‘The Kill’. But first, Leto has a series of challenging hurdles to overcome and a lot more enemies to take out along the way…

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