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ITS TIME!! HTF Play ‘Take Me Out’ (With Renny Carroll Of Forever Never)

We set Renny Carroll of Forever Never/Take Me Out fame the job of picking a beauty from our team of girls here at HTF! No likey, no lighty! Let the sausage see the roll…….

Ok, so most of you know that Mr Renny Carroll of Forever Never fame was on ITV’s Take Me Out recently. Well me being the evil genius I am, decided that it was Renny’s turn to take his pick of our HTF girls as his TMO date didn’t go according to plan (she kissed one of the other contestants!). I set our rock editor Steph Knight on the case and in true HTF style we failed to inform the girls why we suddenly needed photos of them all, most of them thinking I wanted them for my own “personal use” (pure filth the lot of em), and sent them off to Renny for his “No Likey, No Lighty” opinions!

Now I know as the girls read this their hearts are suddenly filling with dread! Don’t fear girls, it’s all done in the name of fun and is def NOT to be taken seriously. Don’t kill me! Clearly all the Hit The Floor girls are amazing! We only employ the best of the best ;)

Renny has left you this message…..

Zoe (Indie Editor)

LIGHT OFF – Isn’t that whatshisface? With flowers on his hat. I’m going to presume that you made him do that. In which case, I don’t want to look like a flowerhead.

Claudia (Writer/Creative Team)

LIGHT ON – Well this is purely based on the classic head angle for this photo. Done like a pro. Good face.

Stephanie (Pop Editor)

LIGHT OFF – Human being attached to your shoulder. Might become awkward having that around ALL the time.

Lousia (Team Rock Writer)

LIGHT ON – I’m all about peeeeace man. Plus it looks like you’re getting messy with paint. That could be fun.

Emma (Team Fashion Writer)

LIGHT ON – I am loving the sort of spiritual glow coming off of you. So the light is staying on. I don’t want to get haunted in my next life.

Sophie (Interviewer)

LIGHT OFF – I think it’s fair to say you’re far too classy for me. Joggers and trainers I don’t imagine would go down very well with you, so I’ll save you the bother of telling me “bog off” haha.

Steph (Rock Editor / Co Evil Genius Who Set This Up)

LIGHT ON – Well, It’s Steph innit! As if I’m gonna turn this legend off. I’ve always been a big fan of Steph’s glasses. They say “I’m clever. Trust me. Welcome! Come in! My ideas are great”. Damn you Steph, damn you.

Verity (Team Pop, Rock & Fashion Writer)

LIGHT OFF – Have you put something in your poor fellows drink? He’s completely lost his fucking lips!

Chloe (Team Indie Writer)

LIGHT ON – Has anyone ever said you look a bit like Jessie J? Plus I like the beach. Can we build a sand castle together?

Jade (Team Film Writer)

LIGHT OFF – You look like a bit of a dog. The bird on the right is nice though.

Claire (Team Pop Writer)

LIGHT ON – I like your little hat, I’ve got quite an impressive hat collection. Swapsies?

Jazz (Team Rock Writer)

LIGHT OFF – Going by this purely, I reckon you might be the sort of person that likes camping. I’m not a happy camper. I fully resent it every year at Download Festival. Falling asleep cold, waking up baking – peeling my sweaty fat face off the side of the tent. Nah mate.

Emilie (Team Urban & Indie Writer)

LIGHT ON – well, I’m guessing there is more than just coke in that glass? That’s fine by me. I’ll get the next one in. BOOM.

Lais (Team Rock Writer)

LIGHT OFF – I’m not going to be a hypocrite here. I’m one messy mofo. But you know, if we’re both messy then our place would be a state always! Just spying the desk there, and well… Even I want to get my tidy on!

Jen (HTF Co-founder)

LIGHT ON – Ok well, light on here for one of two reasons. 1. You can get me down the swimming pool to do a few lengths. I actually won the East Anglian swimming gala Breaststroke when I was 11. Sadly got DQ’d. :( Sad times. 2. You look great in a bikini. I promise it’s more point 1.

Shanice (Team Urban Writer)

LIGHT OFF – I’m afraid it’s the checks. I wear a shitload of checks so we’d always be forever clashing :(

Lauren (Team Fashion Writer/LA Correspondant)

LIGHT ON – the dress is saying to me classy… elegant… dashing… all the things that I’m NOT. So perhaps you can teach me a bit about that. He can’t come though.

Sacha (Team Electronic Writer)

LIGHT OFF -I think you might have the brightest flash of all time on this camera. Either that, or there is a UFO ship directly above you about to beam you up. Either way, that scares me a bit. Flash or Aliens.

Laurel (Team Fashion Writer/LA Correspondent) 

LIGHT ON – Nice smile going on there. I do love a nice smiler. And the shades are saying to me “Sure, I’d love to go paintballing. No sweat maaaan”


So there we have it! Twenty have become ten. Now this is the best part Renny…THE POWER IS IN YOUR HANDS! Pick a lucky lady to take on that all expenses paid trip to everyone favourite chicken shack…


 Now that wasn’t so bad was it girls haha

Thanks Renny for doing that and giving us (well me) lots of laughs! haha

Let’s have a chat with Renny about his real Take Me Out experience and find out what else he’s got going on with his solo project and Forever Never…

HTF: Hi Renny, How are you doing?
R: I’m doing very well thank you! Have been enjoying myself recently – far too much partying. It’s actually all got a bit TOO rock ‘n’ roll for me recently haha

HTF: How did you find your Take Me Out experience (the real one)?
R: Without sarcasm, or exaggerating it’s probably up there as one of the best experiences of my life. It was actually a complete surprise how much I actually enjoyed it! I was totally apprehensive leading up to the filming of the show, but from sitting in the green room with the other guys on my show, up until now it’s really been a most pleasurable experience that I would fully recommend to anyone single, up for a laugh and wanted to do something a bit random. Not, contrary to some people’s beliefs ‘desperate’ and ‘fame hungry’. 90% of people that go on there it is just for a laugh. And I’m pleased to say that’s what it has been: A right old laugh.

HTF: When you sang on the show did you have any contact from any music industry people?
R: No, I didn’t. And I didn’t expect to either to be honest with you. That’s not why I went on there. Obviously it was a great bonus to be able to show off my voice and bit and do what I love – and I did get a lot of compliments via Twitter and FB etc from people, but as I say, I didn’t exactly expect to get snapped up from 30 seconds of singing!

HTF: So how is your solo work coming along? Have you got some new material on the horizon? What are your plans?
R: I’m putting together a solo EP for the “Renny C.” project, and that’s all going pretty well at the moment! Just getting the tunes together. Hoping to get something out and released after the FN tour is over in June. I don’t know yet whether I’ll tour it immediately, but I’ll certainly get a video or two together I reckon – then see how it goes.

HTF: What is the future for your band Forever Never?
Well, sadly we have just announced dates for our “never say never again” tour. Basically it’s our last tour for the foreseeable future. But we’re all still friends, so it’s not something that we can’t rekindle at some point if the demand was there and it was something we all fancied doing. But yeah… basically it’s been a fun 8 years, but we’re all ready to get involved in some new projects and different parts of life. Can’t thank our fans enough who have come to support us on countless tours etc. We know the dates we’ve got aren’t ideal as well – i.e. no Glasgow, Birmingham, Leeds – but the timescale we had coupled with actually physically being able to get the dates booked made it not possible unfortunately. The last tour is going to be documented on video by the guys at Bat Country Productions though, so that will be our farewell gift to everyone wants the tour is all done. They will be interviewing us, our crew and the fans – so if you fancy getting involved make sure you make it to one of the shows! It all ends in Manchester on the 2nd June, which is quite nice for us as we have always felt like Manchester was the first place that really took FN under it’s wing, so it’s fitting to end it there. We are also doing this run of dates with our original guitarist Chris Ransom, so it’s kind of ironic that we are finishing off as 4/5ths of original lineup. It will be ace to share the stage with Chris again after so many years.

HTF: Anything else in the pipeline we should know about?
There will be some more news regarding band stuff, but that’ll come after the tour. G has moved to Bournemouth, but the rest of us are still altogether in Essex, and we’ll be cracking out something towards the end of the year, but for now we just want the concentration to be on FN, and give it the attention it deserves.

HTF: Any last words?
Think I will just take this opportunity to thank everyone for all the support over the years. From friends and fans alike, and from guys like you lot at HTF who have shown an interest in the band long term. It’s a shame some of the mainstream mags didn’t deem us as “cool” enough to grace their pages a bit more, but hey… C’est la vie! Don’t be lazy on this last tour, bundle in a car and drive -even if it’s a bit more than usual. Come and have a sing with us. Come and have a dance with us. And maybe have a bit of a cry with us. It’s been emotional.

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