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Introducing – Kopek

Are you a fan of great, fast paced rock? Let us introduce one of our new favourite bands Kopek. Check them out here…

Irish rockers Kopek have already enjoyed a decade on the music scene. Their fantastic touring ethic and live performances have proven to set them apart from a lot of other bands. Touring rigorously for nine years and enjoying successes like winning Best Live Act at the global Battle of the Bands in 2005, it was an inevitability that the trio would eventually catch the attention of fans worldwide. After carefully and meticulously honing their skills they released their debut album ‘White Collar Lies’ in the US and UK in 2010 and 2012 respectively.

HTF were lucky enough to catch up with the band for a chat recently, as the date loomed for their album release. You can find out more on Kopek via their Facebook:

HTF: Hi guys how are you?
Kopek: All is well with us. Things are really starting to get moving for us as of late and there just ain’t enough hours in the day for Kopek. But we ain’t complaining! WE LOVE IT!
HTF: So, the obvious question, what   influenced you wanting to form a band?
Kopek: The life style, we are slackers at heart and the thoughts of trying to hold down a full time serious job is exhausting to us. Being in a band was the number one choice for us from a young age. What other job do people expect you to go out and act like a mad man 24/7 lol.  The dream we think in everyone’s life is to work a job that you love and playing & writing music is ours, still waiting for that first pay check to arrive though! lol
HTF: What music influenced you growing up?
Kopek: The stones, Zepplin, AC/DC, Nirvana, The Pixies, Muddy Waters, Jimi, The Beatles, the list could go on & on! but you get the vibe. Probably the same list of bands that inspire millions of people to do crazy amazing shit everyday. Its so sad that we don’t have as much new music these days to that calibre. The world would be a much better place for it!
HTF: ‘White Collar Lives’ has had great reviews, what’s next for Kopek?
Kopek: We have just started the euro campaign for WCL so our aim is to get this album, band and sound to as many people as humanly possible for the next 5 months.It will involve lots of shitty hotels rooms, a smelly van, junk food to beat the band and load of illegal shit we cant discuss with ya at present! oh & a hell of lot of fun and laughter & good times. Touring & promoting is our lives for the foreseeable future. Although, we are currently writing for the second album and are starting to get really excited about that. We are actually really buzzed  to get in the studio and do the dreaded follow up album to the debut! Lots of high expectations but we are quietly confident. Bring it on.
HTF: You won a world wide battle of the bands in 2005, why wasn’t your first full length album released until 5 years later?
Kopek: We didn’t feel it was the right time. We spent a lot of time traveling the globe playing and learning our craft. We had loads opportunities to record the album but we didn’t  feel the right offer and team was in place in order for kopek to be happy and go for it. We have learnt so much about ourselves & as musicians in those 5 years and we think you can really hear that in WCL. We wanted to make no mistake in our debut album and make sure it was up to the high standard we expect from rock n roll we ourselves grew up listening to.
HTF: Which bands on the scene at the moment would you like to tour with and why?
Kopek: Anything with Dave Grohl in it! what a living legend that guy is! Queens Of The Stone Age would be amazing to tour with, but we might end being like stalker weirdo fans on that tour rather than being good touring buddies! lol That band have been a massive influence to kopek in regards to modern rock n roll! There is so many cool bands we would like to bounce around with and take influence from while on the road. When on the road touring with a group of bands it is the best experience you could ever have. We have had so many good memories and have made so many good friends from going on tour.
HTF: What sets you apart from other bands?
Kopek: No gimmick’s, we are just pretty much straight up rock n roll. What you see is what you get. We concentrate on our music and not how good our hair looks.Song writing and lyrics are a big deal to this band. We find in modern rock artists have forgot about the lyric, the story. There is so much amazing content going on this planet at present and nobody is writing about it.  Music needs to go back to the most basic form and concentrate on the instrumentation and the lyric and forget about all that other bull shit that doesn’t matter!
HTF: Touring in such close confinement with other people is sometimes hard, what’s your best/most gruesome tour story?
Kopek: So many amazing memories, so little bad ones! Best memories, Opening up for the Stone Temple Pilots, 20000 strong kicking ass and giving it socks at 3 o clock in the day! You couldn’t  imagine that feeling. The worst show, The night before that show playing a secret show to 3 drunks and a bar man, we were trying to break in the new guitar player. It made us question our whole existence! But that’s the great thing about rock roll, its a fucking roller coasters of good times & bad times, but you don’t want to get off!
HTF: Which song gets you most pumped to play?
Kopek: At present, ‘Love Is Dead’. It doesn’t matter how bad a crowd or gig. Whenever we play this the crowd goes mental!
HTF: Do you own a leprechaun?
Kopek: Yes, but we call him the band gimp they are handy to have around, You never know when your gonna need a leprechaun in a bar fight. They’re always handy to have fighting on your side.
HTF: Thanks so much for chatting to us, have you got anything to add?
Kopek: Thanks for you time, check us out on the google net! we are on all the usual places you would find a band these days!, FB, twitter etc. Drop by say hello and we can shoot the shit!
If you haven’t already gone and given this band a listen then you’re mad.


Interviewer: Adam Frost

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