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HTF Introducing: Paint The Silence

HTF Introducing: is a new set of features we’re doing to showcase unsigned and newly signed acts that we think are worth your attention. We’re committed to finding music that deserves a platform and know you love to find new and interesting bands before they hit it big.

First up is Paint The Silence – a five strong rock band from the Northern Hemisphere. Taking influence from a wide range of musical styles, they have created an enchanting melodic rock sound that has won them an invite to play at Ireland’s Spraoi Festival this summer. Here, their guitarist Mike tells you a bit more about the band.

HTF – Hit The Floor
MH – Mike Hanson (Paint The Silence)

HTF – Please introduce your band

MH – Paint The Silence is a five piece rock band from Scarborough. The band is made up of Roy on vocals, myself (Mike) on guitar and backing vocals, Digga on keyboard, Glen on bass and Oggy on the drums.

HTF – Where did the name ‘Paint The Silence’ come from?

MH – On our 3rd of 4th rehearsal as a full band, Roy brought along a sheet of band names he had been working on that week. We chose ‘Paint The Silence’ because we felt the name had multiple meanings and people would have different interpretations of what the name stands for. Me and Roy are also fans of a song called ‘Paint The Silence’ by a band called ‘South’ which I think led to Roy writing down that name as an option.

HTF – What are your main musical influences?

MH – For me, I would say I am influenced by three main artists, Radiohead for their dark song writing style, Weezer for their guitar sounds and The Strokes for their garage style of indie music. I can’t really speak for the other guys but I know Roy is a big fan of ‘Silversun Pickups’ and ‘Damien Rice’, Glen believes ‘Mark King’ is a God (HTF agree – best slap bass on earth!), Oggy loves ‘Mars Volta’ and Digga is a massive fan of ‘Elliot Smith’. This is just the tip of the iceberg for our musical influences though, but what we try to do is bring together all of our musical knowledge and create a new sound of our own.

HTF – What is your song writing process?

MH – Well me and Roy are 21 and 22 respectively and we have both been writing together on and off since the age of 16. Originally we were an acoustic act before the band was created last year, so most of our songs come from me and Roy. Once we feel we have a song done we then take it to practice and showcase it to the other members and then usually jam on it in that session. We are starting to create songs in practice now whereby we will jam a riff or a chord structure and let Roy improvise over the top. Our new single ‘Was It Something I Said?’ was written in this fashion of song writing.

HTF – How often do you gig and where is your next?

MH – Lately we haven’t done a full band gig since last November due to writing and recording. Me and Roy have done some acoustic sets around the Scarborough area to keep us on the ball but our next set of gigs as a band will be Easter time. We will be doing a debut single release night at the ‘Blue Lounge’ bar on April 5th in Scarborough and we also have some gigs lined up in York and Hull around this time. We will be doing a music festival in Ireland too called the ‘Spraoi Festival’ in August which we are really excited about and we’re also in the process of setting up some more gigs around the UK later this summer too.

HTF – What makes you unique?

MH – I feel we are unique because we are a band that tries to bring together a wide variety of musical influences to create a new and exciting sound of rock music. We constantly get told by our fans or people who have listened to us for the first time that they can’t compare our band to anyone else they know which as a band we love to hear. This is exactly what we are trying to achieve, bold and exciting rock music, we don’t mind if you don’t like our music as long as you know it is ‘Paint The Silence’ then we are happy.

Here is a video of the guys in action, explaining about their sound and the influences behind their new tracks. You’ll notice that there is a lot of sniffing going on throughout. If you lived up north like we do, you’d realise that it is impossible to not have a cold throughout winter, because it is consistently sub zero temperatures.

If you want to listen to two of the tracks from Paint The Silence’s EP, Pyramids, you can stream three of the tracks below. The EP is available to buy on itunes NOW for a mere £3.95!

Falling In Sideways
Pass By The Hours

If you are part of a band or know a band that you think should be featured on HTF Introducing – email: with myspaces or tracks.

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