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How Much Champagne Do You Need to Love the New Redlight Album?

We get drunk with Redlight in a stretch hummer to listen to his new album, Active.

Source: Jake Turney

UK Based DJ and producer Redlight invites us to celebrate his forthcoming album release…by driving around London in a stretch hummer, with buckets of champagne! 

There’s only one way to celebrate the release of a new album isn’t there? Well if there is, we’re pretty sure Hugh Pescod, otherwise known as Redlight is on to a winner. Wether or not it’s just a glorified PR stunt, I can’t see how you’ll get a negative review from plying all the press with endless champagne whilst you bang out party tunes in the back of your stretch Hum.V!

Greeting the rest of the press we’re all pretty excited; be that for the pure irony of it all or the fact they were keen to hear the inner workings of the album, straight from the man himself. Quite frankly I’ve never been in a stretch hummer before, and this seemed like the most jokes circumstances to take that chance. I was just sad it wasn’t pink. Much to my surprise, apparently so was Hugh!

“Hands up who wants alcohol”

Hugh dishes out the bubbles to the eager crew of empty champagne flutes waving in his face, and the journey begins.

Track one; Get Wavey, the newest single from upcoming album Active, is a an immediate progression from his 2014 hit 9TS baby. With a more polished production and moving away from the hip hop inspired house, it gives a gentle nod towards 90’s rave, with catchy synths and big build bass lines. This will surely garner points on the dance floor; it’s an instant hit.

This seems the perfect setting for what Hugh defines as “pure party bangers”. Popping the next bottle of bubbles though, it unfortunately ricochets off the ceiling and hits an unsuspecting member of the press team square in the nose! This essentially sets the tone for what can only be described as pure party carnage, on wheels.

Before the power of the bubbles really takes over, Hugh points out that he wanted to collaborate with vocalists he admired, to act as a collage against the music. Taking them out of their usual environment and creating something new and fresh together.

This is apparent on track three; Seasons with Karen Harding. The only track that seems somewhat out-of-place on the album. A smooth R&B garage ballad with low undertones of drum and bass resonating throughout.

Source: Jake Turney

As we go over Tower Bridge, I point out the full moon. Hugh exclaims this is an absolute Redlight tour moment and, much to the drivers dismay, he decides this is the best time to hang out the window of the hummer. I mean if you can’t do it now, then when is an appropriate moment?

Hugh proclaims, “Originally I wanted to do this (press junket) in a spin class, and I’d be the spin master”. That all sounds absolutely hilarious I tell him, but let’s not work out, let’s have fun instead. “I’ll drink to that! Wait. We need more Champagne!”.

Just over the bridge we stop at an offy to refill our supplies. Hugh jumps out and Brian, our lovely driver, fails to notice and promptly drives off!

Track five; Freaky feat Abra Cadabra. A simple but bouncy, wobble-bass banger, with rolling snares and a catchy hook.

Each track on the album seems to fulfil a basic need. Dance floor fillers and club smashers that will easily find their way into the collections of house, R&B and hip hop cross over DJ’s. Redlight has managed to fuse his earlier influence on the rave scene with rhythmic jackin house, hip hop and 90’s acid and jungle.

At this point we’re all suitably inebriated and despite the champagne mishaps, the nose injury and the spray of bubbles across the backseat, the album gets a thumbs up from all. Expect big things from the back of this polished release.

“I wanna go again, from the top!”

Redlight’s album Active is out on 2nd November.

Check out more pictures from our chaotic listening party below.

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