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How Many Video Cliches Are In Autumn Ruin’s New Video For ‘Tales’?

Take a look at Autumn Ruin’s brand new video and see if you can spot as many video cliches as we did. Or maybe even more!

Source: Bands Facebook

Source: Bands Facebook

Five-piece Autumn Ruin have released a video for album-less single ‘Tales‘. It’s a beautiful mellow rock tune with a simple but effective video to accompany it. We couldn’t help but notice that the clip was rather stereotypical, and decided to list all the cliches we spotted. Watch the video yourself and see if you can spot more!

Title screen – All music videos now seem to have title screens. In fact a lot of them go the whole way and have opening credits. Autumn Ruin didn’t take it that far, but still needed to make sure we know what song is on.

Walking – When in doubt, walk. Some slow, thoughtful walking always sets the tone for a video, even when its played backwards, like these guys have done, following in Coldplay‘s  backwards footsteps.

Singer singing to no-one – It’s clearly a heartfelt, passionate performance the singer is giving, standing in a back road, alone … performing to a wall …

Destruction – This is mainly a rock cliche, and these guys are a rock band, so it counts. And it might not be Def Leppard bulldozing a house, but throwing some books around a warehouse qualifies.

Band meet up at the end – All that seemingly aimless wandering had a purpose; so that we could see the whole band together in the closing shot. What an ending!

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