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Hollywood Undead – “I’ve Not Seen His Weenie In Three Years” | Interview

Here at MOSH, we got a few minutes to chat with Hollywood Undead about their new album, up-coming tour and Charlie Scen’s Weenie. Find out more inside.

Source: Official Facebook

Source: Official Facebook

After ten years together, bringing some of the most party-time tunes in Rock Music, beaten only by the King of Party himself, Andrew WK, Hollywood Undead have cemented themselves a well deserved reputation of insane live shows and beautifully written and produced albums. Their latest release ‘Day of the Dead‘ is no exception to the rule and brings some top tracks to the table. With a new album and an upcoming tour, we got a few minutes with the band’s very own Da Kurlzz, to have a chat…

MOSH: With a decade of music in your back catalogue, do you find that it helps you to have freedom to experiment more with new songs or do you prefer to stick to the tested and true methods?

Da Kurlzz: There’s certainly room to experiment, and there will always be certain elements to our music that will be there, but I think on every record we try to experiment, not just for the music, but for ourselves. Nobody just wants to write the same record four times. So we do what we can to experiment and do something new each time.

MOSH: The new single you’ve just released has had a really good response from the fans, so does that make you more excited to take the new material out on the road with you?

DK: Of course, you never want a bad response! Touring is the livelihood of a band and how bands stay relevant, so when you have a product, in this case a new record, to take out, it make going on the road a lot more worthwhile. It can be tough at times. It helps us to see that our fans believe in the music as much as we do.

MOSH: On the subject of touring, the American dates look nice and full, but will there be more UK dates added?

DK: Absolutely! It will be either this year or next. We’re doing Download Festival this year already, but outside of that, it depends on what festival dates we get booked for. Our goal is to get from festival to festival, so it’s all a matter of timing.

MOSH: Your recent competition for fans to send artwork into the band has been met to a very positive reception. Do you feel that this sort of interaction puts the band and the fans on a more eye-to-eye level?

DK: Yeah, absolutely, the fans were the ones who gave us the idea for the competition. We get so much artwork and pictures of tattoos sent in already. These guys are sending in some stuff which is absolutely incredible! I have no artistic talent at all, I can barely draw stick-figures, so it’s amazing what these kids are capable of. So we figured, let’s do this competition and make some rewards. It’s cool for them to as they know that we’re watching and taking an interest. None of that stuff goes into a junk mail folder, we see it all when it comes through. We get excited that people care this much.

MOSH: On the artistic front, you guys were some really nice masks, but do those masks turn you into Hollywood Undead or without them, would things still be the same?

DK: We’ve thought about that before, we’d be the same band. The visual aspect of the band was important when we first started, but we’re still the same band, we’re still the same personalities. The masks were just a part of the band that we always liked.

MOSH: Do you think that the masks also allow people to focus more on the music and the performance during a live show, rather than deciding who the best looking member is?

DK: Yeah! Well, we’re all ugly and look so nasty man, so it helps!

MOSH: So you’re kind of like the anti-One Direction or anti-Bieber?

DK: The Harry Styles kind of thing? No! I don’t think it creates too much of a major aspect to our shows, I mean half the kids are wearing masks too. It tears down the wall between the band and the fans, making them feel they’re part of something different. I like that as it make me feel that I’m part of something different too, you know? Playing shows for that reason, knowing the kids want to be a part of it, we couldn’t be happier with that. I respect what everybody does, I’ve never hated on anyone who has the balls to go out there and work on it. Doing music is really not an easy thing, so I’m not anti-anything. I certainly represent a different lifestyle and a different message to those people certainly.

*Undisclosed and uncomplimentary opinions on Justin Bieber are discussed*

DK: Well, I didn’t want to be the one to say it!

MOSH: Going back to touring, do any of you have habits that wind up the others on tour?

DK: Oh dear God yeah! You get six guys all with different habits or routines in a tour-bus or a hotel room, we’ve been winding each other up for years! I think the whole goal is being able to look past that kind of thing. It’s sad when you hear about bands who were best friends and grew up together who go through their career and hate each other. Look at John and Paul from The Beatles. It’s kind of tragic that there’s so many cases of it. We’ve pissed each other off and had our fights, physical and non-physical, but we keep our eyes on the prize and remember we’re all there for the same reason. Some of us went to kindergarten together when we were five years old.

MOSH: Were you wearing the masks back then?

DK: Oh yeah man, that’s how we came up with the idea. We just put our lunch-bags on our heads! You keep that in mind and long after Hollywood Undead is over and done, we’ll still be friends. The personal relationships are far more important than the professional ones. You look past things and understand everyone has their own thing.

MOSH: When Hollywood Undead is over and done? Do you guys have a set length of time you’re going to keep going for then?

DK: The day I stop caring about it is the day I’ll stop doing it. It’s already difficult when you do love it, so if you don’t love it, that would be even more difficult. There’s no set time to it, this is our ten years now! We’re still going strong, so as long as it stays like this, we’ll keep going.

MOSH: Again going back to what you said about winding each other up on tour, you must have some pretty crazy tour stories? You guys do like to party.

DK: I was by far the biggest drunk, I would do anything for the first eight or nine years of the band. I was out there, let’s put it this way. Then I decided I couldn’t drink as much on the road any more. It’s pretty hard to stay professional when you’re blasted all the time! It’s certainly a part of our lifestyle, not that we’re promoting it. We’ve got into a lot of drunk fights, but the next day you realise it was a drunk fight and nothing more. We’ve got a lot of stories.

MOSH: So, to conclude, we have our most important question.

DK: Go on…

MOSH: Charlie Scene’s weenie. What is it that makes him so proud to show it off? Is it magical or impressive in size?

DK: It’s upset me a bit really, but he got married a few years ago and it doesn’t come out much any more. I’ve barely seen it in three years!

MOSH: So, Little Charlie doesn’t really show himself anymore?

DK: He barely ever comes out. If you get him drunk enough, sometimes ‘Little Charlie’ will come out, but his wife gets mad at him, so he has to keep any exhibition a little more private and discrete sadly.

MOSH: So what is it he’s proud of when it comes to his famous weenie? Does it hold mystical powers?

DK: There’s absolutely nothing remarkable about it. It’s a pretty average penis. He’s just really proud of it and I don’t know why. I’ve been trying to figure it out for ten years. I still don’t know the answer.

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