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Hit The Deck Is Less Than A Week Away So Here Are The Bands We Can’t Wait To See

We’ve had a think and put together a list of the bands we want to see the most at 2015’s Hit The Deck. Check it out here and see if you agree

Hit The Deck Festival Lineup poster 2015

Source: Official Festival Poster

With Hit The Deck Festival now less than a week together, we’ve started putting together a list of some of the bands we’re really looking forward to seeing there. Hopefully you’ll see some you agree with, and discover a few new ones on our list.

These guys are a metal 4-piece band. We saw them recently with Glamour of the Kill, and live Ashes kill it. We’re definitely looking forward to seeing them again now we know a little more about them.


As It Is
Even though they are a relatively new band on the scene we’ve been listening to Patty Walters’ YouTube covers for years. The fact that they are now earning places on festivals like this has us excited and we can’t wait to see how well they do.


Dead! are a band that seem to pop up on so many tours we go to, and given the fact that they walk onto stage and announce “We are Dead” makes them stick in your mind. Oh, and the music’s pretty good too!


One of the lighter bands at the festival, pop-punk’s Bath 5-piece will be a nice change among all the metal of the day. Having seen them before (at the show they shot this video at) we know we can expect good things from them.


FrnkIero andthe Cellabration
The gritty punk FrnkIero andthe Cellabration bring to the table is just meant to be listened to live. Even though he is now stood in front of a mic stand for most of the performance the energy Frank Iero brings to a stage is infectious.


MC Lars
MC Lars’ fun brand of music (or ‘post-punk laptop rap’ as he describes it on his Facebook page) always makes for a good show. We are most familiar with him from his tours with Bowling For Soup (which should tell you how much fun he is) and it’s going to be great to witness him in such a different environment.


Oceans Ate Alaska
With their progressive metalcore sound you can’t help but mosh to Oceans Ate Alaska. The brummie five piece tore it up when they supported blessthefall and brought themselves to our attention and we plan on finally seeing them again at Hit The Deck.


The Swellers
These guys are so good, we actually got a little distracted watching their videos on YouTube while writing this piece. They are great fun to listen to and we are definitely going to be dancing along to them live.


These guys seem to have been everywhere lately, on so many tours that we are starting to feel like the only people who haven’t seen them live yet! It’s a bit of luck we’ll be able to rectify that at Hit The Deck.


While She Sleeps
As one of the headline acts, we couldn’t have left them off the list really. With some great riffs and their own take on the scream/melodic vocal combo, this is going to be a great way to top off a day full of moshing.

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