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Here’s What’s So Wonderful About Cane Hill’s New Music Video!

Here is a look at what we think are the sickly sweet moments of Cane Hills twisted and eerie new video

Source: Official Facebook

Source: Official Facebook

Nu on the scene and Nu in style, LA nu-metallers Cane Hill have now released a video for ‘You’re So Wonderful’ ,  a single from their highly anticipated new album Smile.

Their new album isn’t the only thing to be excited about; Cane Hill  also won the title of best international new comer at the Kerrang! awards this year.

Titled ‘You’re So Wonderful‘, we are going to take a look at what’s wonderful in Cane Hill’s chilling and eerie video!

  1. Whoever she is, she is mean and is really making the effort to drag Elijah Witt up the stairs. Definitely a better place than that blue, frosty morgue, even with the creepy statues scattered around.
Source: Screenshot

Source: Screenshot

2. She is looking wonderful as well, with that slightly seductive look, and if we look any deeper I suppose the royal blue dress could represent the cold atmosphere, despite the candles.

Source: Screenshot

Source: Screenshot

3.  Red wine isn’t cheap, usually (well it depends!) but she is pouring the glass for Elijah, even if she is pouring most of it down his (formerly) clean white shirt!

Source: Screenshot

Source: Screenshot

See the full video below


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