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Five Things We’ve Learnt About Dating From Sleep On It

Chicago Pop Punk band, Sleep On It, have just released a brand new video for their single ‘See You Around.’ Read on to find out just what we learnt from it!

Sleep On It

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Chicago Pop Punk band, Sleep On It, have just released a brand new video for their single ‘See You Around’ and it has to be said,  it’s pretty funny and pretty accurate at pinpointing the struggles of modern-day dating.

After listening to the lyrics and watching the video right to the end, we concluded a couple of life lessons to be taken from this light-hearted record, which you can see for yourself.

Firstly, when you ask the guy, or the girl that your dating, if you can hang out tonight and they just reply with “I can’t tonight,” it’s not always something to cry about. I mean, people have things to do and other plans and just like the girl in the video, you should try your best to just shrug it off. A tiny little bit of disappointment is completely understandable but don’t let it ruin your entire day.

Secondly, there will always be somebody else, who thinks that you are on fire. You might be completely oblivious to that fact but that doesn’t mean it’s not true and it’s a good thing to occasionally remind yourself just how big the world is. Somebody has to love you eventually.

Thirdly, if you’re in the dating game, you have to play it cool. Not too cool to the point where you’re flat out ignoring the person you like of course but, love hearts and being a walking, talking, needy bag of mush is nobody’s idea of fun. On behalf of all singleton’s, it’s safe to say that that’s not even cute to start with.

Fourth, If you have a significant other, have some respect for yourself and for that person and don’t hit on somebody else when they’re not around. It’s that kind of shade that is making people lose all hope in loyalty or even just straight forward human decency. Let’s show some love for all of those boys and girls who choose to stick with you because they think you’re pretty great.

Finally, absolutely just be yourself. You weirdness might just be the most endearing thing about you!

‘See You Around’ is from Sleep On It’s upcoming EP, Lost Along the Way. Pre-orders are available now at the band’s official website, right here.

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