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Five Finger Death Punch – “Yesterday I Drove A Tank Over A Car” | Interview

We sat down with Five Finger Death Punch’s very own Zoltan Bathory at Download 2015 to chat, the new album, their show at Wembley and tanks!

five finger death punch

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Five Finger Death Punch don’t really need that much in the way of an introduction this day in age. They’re controversial, powerful and slowly becoming influential to a whole host of emerging bands. Just before they took to the stage at this year’s Download Festival, we say down with lead guitarist Zoltan Bathory, and talked, their new album, Got Your Six, their upcoming show at Wembley, and tanks!

HTF: It’s been about 2 years now since The Wrong Side Of Heaven… The new album, Got Your Six is coming out in August. What are your feelings around it?
Zoltan: I mean this is actually our best album. I mean every band says that of course but, this is our sixth record and I think this is our most focused, just a big sign of heavy metal you know? This is pretty much the feedback that we’ve been getting from everyone. Everyone is saying, look this is your best record, it’s up tempo, kind of faster, yet at the same time everything is very melodic, I think this is more the combination of all the best things we’ve ever done. There are no slow slow songs, everything is just massive.

HTF: As well as this, you’ve literally just announced a tour with Papa Roach, including Wembley.
Zoltan: Haha that’s right.
HTF: That’s got to be rather intimidating?
Zoltan: You know, for a band Wembley Arena is like the moon landing for NASA, you know what I mean? You just stick that flag down there, I mean it’s a big universe you know, you can go further than that, but Wembley, for us, is a very big milestone. Not many people in their lifetimes achieve this, so this is definitely something that you know, that once you’ve played that, then you’re one of the best. It’s absolutely one of our milestones and we’re stoked to be playing it.

HTF: Moving now into your Download set today, for the last couple of years, you’ve almost been a little bit controversial with the fact that they’ve had to stop the sets short. Do you like being that little bit edgy?
Zoltan: Well imagine that, when you have a singer that’s kind of a hand grenade with a loose pin then you know what you’ve got. He’s a rebel, if you tell him any kind of rules, if you say to him “you have to do this or that”, he will break those rules just because they are rules. It’s not purposeful, because we do try and rein him in, but we’ve got a wild man for a singer. Every show like this one, we keep him in a cage, and then when it’s show time, we just let him loose, and that’s how it goes haha.

HTF: Also, the majority of your albums always seem to have a cover song on them, such as ‘Bad Company’. Is there a cover song on the new album? Or are you trying to move away from that?
Zoltan: No, no cover on this one. You know, the previous album had a cover and we had a couple of guest vocalists and you know these things are fun to do, but once you start repeating them they sort of become a cliché, a crutch that you’re using. So we don’t want to be that band that just repeats the same thing, so no this new record is all us, no covers, no guest vocalists, just pure Five Finger Death Punch.

HTF: Right, now we’re going to move things back a little bit, the questions are going to be a bit more relaxed, as we want to know more about you personally.
Zoltan: Haha alright.

HTF: First one, how long would you last in a Zombie apocalypse?
Zoltan: Oh I’d kill all the zombies man. 100%. If there is a zombie apocalypse, and if there are survivors, then I would be one of them, trust me on this one.

HTF: Secondly, what is the most reckless thing you’ve ever done?
Zoltan: Reckless? Ok my daily schedule is reckless ok? I fly airplanes, I rent fighter jets, and I race monster trucks, literally. Yesterday I drove a tank over a car haha. That’s what I do on a daily basis. The management and the other guys they have this conversation pretty much every day, like “Hey man, look you’re going to die one day”, and I mean we’re all going to die one day, but you know, reckless is my middle name I think haha.

HTF: Moving on from that, if you were to write your autobiography, what would the title be?
Zoltan: The title, oooooh that’s a tough one. Reckless, gotta be reckless. Or wrecking ball, or something like that.

HTF: Do you prefer books or movies?
Zoltan: Actually, nowadays I’m doing audio books. But I’ve read hundreds and hundreds of books in my life. I’m a guy who only reads books. But these days, it’s because of my travel schedule, either I’m on an airplane, or a tour bus, or a boat, do you know what I mean? We’ve got motion all the time, so reading is an issue, and audio books help that.

HTF: Finally, do you prefer being in a city or out in the countryside?
Zoltan: Oh in a city usually. Obviously there has to be a balance, but I’m the guy that likes the chaos you know? Like I’ve lived in New York City, Los Angeles, Now I’ve moved to Las Vegas so I cannot find somewhere that I’m really truly there 24/7, but you know Las Vegas is going literally 24/7. I live right in the middle of that, right in the centre. I live in a high rise, so I can look down, and I see this whole crazy thing happening right down below me. That’s what I like.

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