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Fearless Vampire Killers Reveal They Are Fluent In 17 Languages | The Truth

Real talk and almost always really true! Fearless Vampire Killers reveal they are fluent in 17 languages!


We all know the Fearless Vampire Killers chaps have exceptional skills when it comes to music but it appears they also have some hidden abilities they have kept secret…until now!

While at Download Festival we bumped Laurence and Luke who agreed to reveal The Truth* about a special skill they had been perfecting over the last few years. Apparently they are fluent in 17 different languages! WTF?!

We find out exactly which languages they have perfected, Laurence talks us through how he originally learnt these skills and we obviously get them to give us a few examples of their multi-lingual awesomeness in action.

Check out our 100% true* interview below and make sure to stay up to date with the guys on their Facebook –

* All information is 000% accurate at time of print and only from non-existent unreliable sources

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