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Why Was Ed Sheeran On Game Of Thrones? Twitter Goes Crazy!

Ed Sheeran brings his ginger swag to Game Of Thrones and gives us a little suprise. Oh Ed, you really know how to treat us!

Game Of Thrones Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran Game Of Thrones – Source: Official Promo

Ed Sheeran On Game Of Thrones?!

So it looks like everybody’s favourite ginger, the loveable Ed Sheeran,  managed to somehow wangle his way onto the first episode of HBO’s Game Of Thrones season 7 wow!

It turns out Sheeran was actually cast for the show as a surprise to Masie Williams (Ayra Stark) who is a massive fan, and his Game Of Thrones appearance has been in the works for quite a while now.

One thing worth noting about Ed’s cameo, which a lot of fans may not have picked up on yet, is he actually played quite an interesting role. Did you notice the song he was singing? That was ‘Hands Of Gold’, a song that appears in the Game Of Thrones books that inspired the TV show.

The song itself was written by Symon Silver Tounge and was written about Tyrion Lannister’s relationship with prostitute, Shae. Symon used the song to blackmail Tyrion as it could reveal the truth about their hidden relationship to the public and could result in his being killed by Cersei.

Pretty cool huh?

Hands Of Gold Lyrics

He rode through the streets of the city,
Down from his hill on high,
O’er the wynds and the steps and the cobbles,
He rode to a woman’s sigh.
For she was his secret treasure,
She was his shame and his bliss.
And a chain and a keep are nothing,
Compared to a woman’s kiss
For hands of gold are always cold,
But a woman’s hands are warm

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Despite this, obviously, in true Twitter style, everyone lost their shit over his Game Of Thrones appearance, which led to some amusing status updates…

Cruel but too funny!

The classic Ed / Ron mix up!

Ed Sheeran is immortal! 

This was bound to happen #shipped

And some people were really not at all amused!

Either way, it’s done now so all you haters….get over it! Let’s be fair, if you didn’t know he was Ed Sheeran you wouldn’t have had an issue. He did a good job. You keep doing your thing Ed. Let’s hope we see him flying on a dragon with Jon Snow real soon #kingofthenorth

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