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Do Guys On Tinder Know The Difference Between Regular Conversation and Pop Punk Lyrics? We Find Out

Do guys know the difference between normal conversation and pop punk lyrics? We took to the dating app Tinder to find out! Check out our results here!

We here at Mosh love to come up with new and interesting ways to integrate emo song lyrics into our lives—particularly in our daily conversations. And since we don’t have an MSN status or MySpace bio to house our punchy pop punk lyrics anymore, we have to find other ways to express our alternativeness.

So, naturally, we decided to try and seduce boys using (mainly) Fall Out Boy lyrics on the popular dating app Tinder.

And even though our little experiment provided us with hours of WTF moments and cringe-worthy, not-suitable-for-a-music-website comments—which I am still recovering from—we learned a few things.

The main things we learned are:

  1. Most guys won’t even bat an eyelash at weird comments. They really don’t care if you’re a psychopath. They will endure the weirdness in hopes that they will convince you to date them.
  2. Fall Out Boy are more underrated than any of us knew. What the heck? Dudes, we thought FOB were mainstream?!
  3. Fall Out Boy lyrics are surprisingly adjustable—you can apply their emo lyrics to a range of normal conversations without anyone noticing apparently.
  4. Some guys will say anything—even if it doesn’t make any sense—to keep the conversation going.
  5. Tinder is NOT the official dating app of emos. (We really need our own! Million pound idea: an alternative dating app.)

But you can see for yourself below.

We present to you: the guys of Tinder.

Personally I would have been a bit like “um. Why? Are you okay?” but whatever, I guess.

A confusing reply aka “trying to ignore the scary part of the statement because I’m not looking for this kind of commitment”. Well played sir, well played.

This dude just 100% ignored my weirdness. He was all for having a normal conversation around my bullshit.

I honestly don’t know what “I’m two quarters and a heart down / And I don’t want to forget how your voice sounds / These words are all I have so I write them / I need them just to get by” means for this guy and why it requires WhatsApp?

This ain’t a scene… it’s a boy that clearly doesn’t listen to music.

Okay, I’m pretty proud I managed to get this many lyrics in at one time. Also, how did this guy not think I was a complete psychopath?


Okay, this one was just ridiculous.

This guy was clearly a bit of a prat from the get-go.

At this point the Fall Out Boy lyrics weren’t getting much of a reaction so I decided to throw some other random ones in there.









Just switching it up with some Sleeping With Sirens lyrics..

Someone got a little scared…

And finally, the guy who won Tinder. The only dude who actually knew that I was writing Fall Out Boy lyrics…

He even started writing them back to me. What a legend!

Did we answer our question? Yes, we did. Our Verdict? Boys definitely don’t know the difference between normal conversations and pop punk lyrics.

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