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Crossover Music – Check Out Our Favourite Electronic Rock Bands

We are honouring our favourite crossover genres. Check out some of our favourite electronicore bands!

Enter Shikari

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It’s safe to say that music nowadays is nothing like the music from decades before us… No matter how many trendy musicians try and make it so. But one kickass thing that has come out of the 20th century is the blurred lines in music that has allowed rap, R&B and electronic music to integrate itself into rock music.

One style of crossover music that is becoming particular popular is electronic rock music (or electronic hardcore music), sometimes awkwardly referred to as electronicore. But anyway, here are some of the bands that we think do it well. 

Enter Shikari

Everyone knows Shikari, but they are absolute legends to us Brits. These guys have been pushing boundaries and killing it in the music scene since 2003. Their heavy breakdowns and synthy-rock filled melodies mixed with Rou Reynolds raw, commanding and f**king phenomenal vocals make Shikari the electronicore pioneers.

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