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Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! “You can listen to Justin Bieber your brain will be blowing up” | Interview

Chunk! No, Captain Chunk discuss the strange nature of an indoor festival and their studio influences ranging from A Day To Remember to Justin Bieber!

Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!

Source: Graham Berry

France’s Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! are known for there hardcore and pop-punk blend of music, a treat they brought over to Warped Tour UK. We got to chat to them before they took to stage about the indoor festival, the latest album and vocalist Bertrand Poncet‘s penchant for fancy dress! (Spoiler alert: They listen to Bieber!)

MOSH: You have played Warped US. What’s it like to come over here and get the chance to play Warped UK?
Bertrand Poncet: It’s cool, it’s great. It feels like Warped Tour US but in Europe. The venue is beautiful, it’s typical british.
Paul Wilson: It’s the first time we do Warped Tour indoors too. We’re used to being outside, in hot weather, so it’s kind of cool. It’s different.

MOSH: Have you ever done anything like this indoors before?
B: We’ve played Slam Dunk, Download, but yeah, usually festivals are outside. But it’s cool. It’s huge, you know. It’s like 5 stages in the same, like, big room.

MOSH: As with most bands, your sound changes and evolves with each new album. Is this a conscious choice or something that just happens?
B: We’re not forcing ourselves to evolve, it’s just how we want to sound right now. Obviously, we’ve got to stick to one main direction because we’ve started with one style, we can’t jump from one to another, but we try to be smart with where we want it to go and our last album shows how we want it to sound right now and the title of the album is a good example, Get Lost Find Yourself, we found ourselves on this album and it sounds like us right now. I’m proud of this record.
P: I absolutely agree.

MOSH: Do you listen to other artists music when you are in the studio?
B: Yeah, it’s always good to have some inspirations but you gotta be careful with your influences, you don’t want to do too much like another band but its always good to listen to a lot of different stuff just too be…
P: To get inspiration and bring new stuff to your music.
B: Yeah, and I don’t know why but sometimes you can listen to some A Day To Remember and nothing comes and then you can listen to Justin Bieber or Taylor Swift or whatever and your brain will be like blowing up, like ‘I gotta do this, and this is sick’, its cool. I don’t know how inspiration and creativity works exactly in our brains but its cool to stay inspired in general.

MOSH: Obviously your new album hasn’t been out that long, how is it being received by the fans?
B: Great. We released the last record in May and there’s been a good reaction. We did a US headliner actually during the album release. It was cool, good reaction. I just wish we could play more, longer tours, like Warped Tour US was right after. It’s always cool to promote our music all around the world. We got to great countries like Mexico, Japan, Russia, Australia, it’s been a very busy year, with Warped Tour right after the album release. It’s been received very well everywhere, that the good thing. Countries where we didn’t do too good before, now it’s actually doing pretty good. Every tour we’ve done they have all been great, no shitty shows. Kids come out to the shows, love the album and it’s cool.

MOSH: Part of the reason you were eager to tour was because you said there wasn’t much of a scene in France. Where have you found the best rock scene?
B: I think our favourite is Japan. The fans are so devoted. They are so into, they give 100% of what they have. They just want to make sure you have a good time and I feel like the scene is super strong there because there aren’t that many bands coming there. It’s pretty good everywhere, actually. It’s getting a little bit better in France, but not as good as everywhere else.
P: And Japan is an experience in general, not just the shows. The country in general is just amazing. Yeah, there was a good reception, but I can’t think of one country where we had a bad reaction or a bad crowd.

MOSH: Bert, you have been known for dressing up. Any chance of us seeing any more outfits?
B: I don’t know. I’ve done the panda suit a long time ago, but the thing is there’s a lot of problems. On our last Warped Tour [US] in 2014 I had someone else doing it. That’s better, it’s easier for me! But, maybe, it’s cool to keep people entertained during the show, but maybe I’m going to have someone else do it for me, because its just a nightmare!

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