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Chapel Are Excited To Make People Care About Them At Slam Dunk | Interview

Ahead of their first festival appearance at this year’s Slam Dunk festival, we had a chat with Chapel on what we can expect from their set. Read more here.

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Pop-rock duo Chapel are playing their very first festival when they’re over on our shores in a couple of months for Slam Dunk Festival. Signed to Rise Records, the act are currently hard at work on their debut album so we’re keen to hear what they’ve got in store. Check out our interview below on what you can expect from their upcoming festival appearances.

MOSH: You’re playing Slam Dunk for the first time this year – what are you expecting from your appearance at this year’s festival?

Chapel: To be honest I donʼt really know what to expect. We havenʼt ever played a festival in general so the whole thing is going to be new to us. I can say UK crowds in general are so much fun to play to, so Iʼm hoping to see some familiar faces and hopefully some new ones too.

MOSH: What is your favourite part of playing a festival vs. a gig?

Chapel: I couldnʼt tell you cause itʼs our first time, but I like the idea of trying to win crowds over. Considering so many bands are playing this festival, I think it’s an exciting idea to showcase your music to thousands of people who donʼt care and in 30 minutes try to make them care. So it’s more of a challenge than just playing a gig where people already have a general idea who you are.

MOSH: How do you go about switching up your setlist for festivals?

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Chapel: Weʼre playing this festival the same way we would play any gig to be honest. Our shows are already pretty interactive and energetic in general, so I believe in festival setting it’s only going to be even more fun.

MOSH: Do you have any new tracks/ particular songs you’re excited about playing live?

Chapel: Last time we were in the UK our EP wasnʼt released yet. So Iʼm excited to see how many people know the songs we play live, also we are currently writing for our full length, so we might sneak a new song in. Maybe.

MOSH: This year’s lineup is amazing – who are you most excited to be
playing alongside/ hoping to catch?

Chapel: Really excited to watch Moose Blood and Jimmy Eat World. I LOVE those bands. Also real excited to hang with our friends in Sleep On It and As It Is. Itʼs going to be a great time.

MOSH: Using only the bands on the lineup this year, can you create your
dream tour?

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Chapel: Hmmm I would say Jimmy Eat World/PVRIS/Moose Blood/CHAPEL/The Faim

MOSH: What exciting things have you got lined up for the rest of the year?

Chapel: Well after the festivals we will be finishing off our EU run with Sleeping With Sirens, then after that we head home and finish the record. REALLY EXCITED.

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