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Can’t Swim On Their Infinite Love For Wetherspoons | Interview

Following their set at Slam Dunk Festival, we had a chat to Can’t Swim’s Chris and Danny where we found out all about their love for colours and Wetherspoons!

Can't Swimpromo

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Can’t Swim have just recenlty made their way over to our shores for this year’s Slam Dunk Festival, where they absolutely killed it on their set. After the band got off the stage one day one in Leeds, we had a quick chat to vocalist Chris LoPorto and guitarist Danny Rico about their favourites on this year’s lineup, the band’s endless fascination with colours and their love for Wetherspoons. Read our full interview below.

MOSH: You just played played your set in Leeds today – how was it and how has it got you feeling about Slam Dunk this weekend?

CLP: Pretty sweet – Slam Dunk is a really cool festival and we’re psyched to be a part of it. The set was good, it was hot and sunny, and the power kept going off.

MOSH: You were on an outdoor stage then?

CLP: Yes, the Signature Brew stage. There was a stage, there were kids there, we had instruments and put on a show. It was great.

MOSH: Were there any unexpected reactions, or any tracks that went down better than expected?

CLP: Well the power kept going off while we were playing and most instruments need electricity to turn on so when the power goes off it becomes silent.

MOSH: That’s always good!

CLP: Yes, it was pretty great. It turned back on, so we played some more, and then it turned off again and we waited. Then we played two more songs and that was it.

MOSH: Did any songs go well though?

DR: All the songs were great.

CLP: Actually I think the songs that had no power were the best.

DR: Yes, those sounded way better!

MOSH: You guys have been over in the UK a few times now – have you started noticing more familiar faces at gigs?

CLP: Yeah, totally!

DR: Between the bands that we’re friends with here and the people who come to our shows, it seems like we have friends over here, you know?

CLP: It’s almost like a home away from home.

MOSH: The lineup at Slam Dunk is really good this year – do you have any musical influences here you’re geeking out about?

CLP: We love Every Time I Die, me and Danny bonded over them when the band first started. Great riffers. Also love Jimmy Eat World.

MOSH: Pretty sure they’re clashing tonight…

CLP: I think you’re right.

MOSH: What are you going to do?

CLP: I’m going to clone myself and leave my phone at one, and FaceTime myself from the other. Other than that, Frank Carter & Rattlesnakes. They’re really good friends of ours, Danny actually tour managed them when they were over in the States. We have a bunch of friends just walking around, drinking beer, eating Wetherspoons. A festival is the time to be a kid again, it’s like day care but for 30 year olds, and they’re very drunk.

MOSH: Aside from Every Time I Die, what are you most excited about this weekend?

CLP: We’re very excited to check out Wetherspoons.

DR: It’s my favourite band actually, they’re very good.

CLP: We ate it once today, we’ll probably eat it again for the rest of the weekend. We’re excited to see some friends. We’ve toured with Four Year Strong a lot, they’re really good. That’s it, that’s all we got.

MOSH: You guys have released a couple of singles this year, and one thing I’ve noticed is the artwork still features the same girl from your previous material. Can you tell us a little bit about that?

CLP: All the singles we released were basically songs that didn’t make the record so instead of putting new artwork to it and making kids maybe confused and think it’s a new song off a new record, I think we were just making it easy and hopefully people understand that it was songs we didn’t use for Fail You Again. I guess a B-side should have the same artwork as the main guy, but for the next record I promise it won’t be pink or magenta.

MOSH: Is there already new material in the works?

CLP: Yes, we recorded a whole dang album.

MOSH: Any plans of what when that’s coming out yet?

CLP: Hopefully by this year, so maybe Novemberish?

MOSH: Your latest track ‘Even In Death’ came out a couple of weeks ago, can you tell us a little bit more about the song?

CLP: ‘Even In Death’ is hard to play, Chez and Danny shred some guitar parts that I can’t play so I let them do it. It was one of the last songs we recorded for the album and we all really liked it a lot but it just didn’t make the cut. We haven’t took a stab at playing it live yet, but it’s going to be good.

MOSH: So as you were saying that these are mostly songs tying in to the old record, is it going to be quite different form the new stuff?

CLP: Who knows? I think it’s coming from the same people making it. It’s not going to be Stranger again, or maybe it will?

DR: Who knows!

MOSH: The mystery…

DR: Yes, we’re just excited to release Stranger in every key possible.

CLP: And every colour, you know? If it’s not broken, don’t fix it. I mean, if the kid likes the one colour, I’m sure he’ll like it in blue.

MOSH: How does the rest of the year look like for you guys? Obviously there’s that record coming out!

CLP: August, we might do a tour. July, we’ll probably just take the time to finish the album and then probably coming to England in September? Actually, I don’t know. They send us the email like 12 hours before and then we go to the van and we go to the show.

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