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Bill And Ted 3 Is Officially Happening! Here Are 7 Reasons Why B&T Are Our Metal Dream Boys!

The sequel we have all been waiting for is finally happening! Bill and Ted 3 has been announced! Check out the 7 reasons why Bill and Ted are our metal dream boys!

Bill and Ted

Source: Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure | Orion Pictures / Interscope

You know what has really been missing from our lives? The third instalment of the cult classic movie franchise Bill and Ted! And we are beyond excited to finally be able to write these words: A THIRD MOVIE HAS BEEN CONFIRMED.

Yes, that’s right. A most non-heinous third Bill and Ted movie will be in production soon enough with Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter reprising their roles as the comedic, metal-loving duo. The new film, that is currently titled Bill & Ted Face The Music, has been written by original (epic) writers Ed Solomon and Chris Matheson.

And since we’ve been waiting for this movie pretty much since we were old enough to see Excellent Adventure and Bogus Journey, we thought it was only right to dedicate a post to our favourite uniquely articulate duo. So here are 7 reasons why Bill S Preston Esquire and Ted Theodore Logan are our rock n roll dream boys!

  1. They have their own rock band – Wyld Stallyns is the heart and soul of the films and of Bill and Ted. They love rock music, and although they still haven’t quite mastered the ability to play their instruments yet (small technicality), they are still in Bill’s garage rocking out every day!
  2. They always express their excitement through aggressive air guitar – There’s nothing cooler than a boy who air guitars! Am I right, ladies? No, just me? Ok, cool.
  3. Their grungy slacker aesthetic – The boys have quite the unique style. With Bill rocking a cropped short-sleeve in the first film, and Ted sporting an Avril Lavigne-esque waistcoat, the dudes are all about that eclectic, relaxed style. To be fair, Bill’s cropped jumper has some DIY doodles on the back, and Ted’s shorts feature some cute patches. So it’s not all bad! Also, Ted is sporting Van Halen merchandise, so we’re down for it! The second film showcases their style evolution with colourful tees, flannel shirts and coloured denim.
  4. They are cool with death (literally) – The dudes handled the oddity of dying with the greatest of ease. They go to hell and back, and become pals with death himself! He even plays cello in Wyld Stallyns. You just don’t get more metal than that.
  5. Referencing rock tracks and metal legends is just a daily occurrence – This is something MOSH can really relate to. If you’re not talking about Iron Maiden, Ozzy Osbourne, Led Zeppelin, and using deputy Van Halen to get out of trouble, you are not doing life right!
  6. They have the best taste in music – DUH!
  7. They may be total metalheads, but they are big sweeties at heart, and their friendship is the purest – Bill: “Ted, if I die, you can have my Megadeth collection.” / Ted: “But, dude, we’re already dead.” / Bill: “Oh. Well, then they’re yours, dude.” / Ted: “Whoa! Thanks dude!”

We love you Bill and Ted!

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