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Beartooth – “We’ve Got To Follow A Kid Who Just Set Himself On Fire, We’re Fucked” | Interview

We caught up with Beartooth’s Caleb Shomo ahead of their Northampton show to chat about future plans, fire and London.

Source: Press Shot

Source: Press Shot

Beartooth are are quickly becoming one of the fastest growing bands in rock music right now, and with their release of Disgusting last year their popularity has only grown since. We managed to catch up with lead vocalist Caleb Shomo ahead of their show at Northampton’s Roadmender, we talked about their popularity since the album, their upcoming shows and unorthodox stunt performed at one of their shows.

MOSH- After the release of Disgusting you really shot into fame, there didn’t seem like much of a roll up to it, you release the album and then immediately shot into fame, did you predict it going this way?

CS– Haha, not really, it just kind of happened, we didn’t really expect anything or have any plan. We just decided to let it happen and it’s been going very well since.

MOSH- And with Disgusting coming out last year, it’s garnered a lot of praise, won a number of awards, does that sort of put pressure on the next release?

CS– Oh of course, sure, but I mean, I’m not worried about it, I’ve already been writing, so I think it’s going to be pretty good.

MOSH- So are you constantly writing as you go along?

CS– Yer man, yer.

MOSH- Last year you toured the obvious places, the likes of London, Birmingham, Manchester, this time you’ve gone a bit off track with the likes of Northampton, Reading, Bournmouth. What was the idea behind that? Was it purely to reach out to more places?

CS– It’s just so we can play some different markets, because we’ve already played the main markets two times now, so we just decided to do this this time around.

MOSH- Something a little bit different?

CS– Yer.

MOSH- As well as these shows, you’ve obviously playing a couple of festivals, the likes of Slam Dunk and Download Festival. Do these shows differe at all, or is it just all the same? You go on and have a good time.

CS– Oh yer, that’s the name of the game dude, just go on and enjoy it, I mean that doesn’t really change.

MOSH- Recently you gave us a lovely tour of London, what was your favourite “fact” from that tour?

CS– Haha oh yer, dude I don’t even remember, we were just going round pulling all those things out on the fly.

MOSH- I’m going to go back a little bit, but I remember reading a couple of months back, you were doing a house show over in America, where the support did something a little bit unorthodox, by setting their guitarist on fire. Did you know he was going to do that for one?

CS– Nah man, it just happened, I wasn’t actually in there, sadly, I was really pissed that I didn’t see it.

MOSH- Secondly, how do you follow on from a stunt like that?

CS– Just like, well we’ve got to follow a kid who just set himself on fire, we’re fucked.

MOSH- I seem to remember a tweet that you put out recently that you were scared that you hadn’t toured in the space of a week. Has touring really become something very integral to your lives now?

CS– I mean we left three days, we started a three month tour basically, where we’re literally home for like one afternoon the entire tour, but I mean it’s great, this is what we want to be doing.

MOSH- You want to reach as many people as possible?

CS– Yer man, play a bunch of shows and have a great time.

MOSH- Where are you looking to go next that you haven’t touched before?

CS– Urmmm… Well we’re leaving for Australia right after this tour ends. So that’s pretty cool.

MOSH- That’s with We Came as Romans and In Hearts Wake isn’t it?

CS– Yep.

MOSH- So are you looking forwards to that one?

CS- Oh yer definitely.

MOSH- Are you not scared that everything there wants to kill you, animal wise?

CS– Oh haha, I mean I think we’ll be ok. I think we’ll make it.

MOSH- What is the weirdest thing that you’ve ever had shouted from you from the crowd?

CS– Urmmm… I don’t know actually, we’ve not really had any weird stuff being shouted at us, it’s usually like songs people want to hear played.

MOSH- So are you excited for the show?

CS– Oh yer.

MOSH- How far into the tour are you now?

CS– This is only our third show so far, so we’re really just starting to break in. I’m still getting my voice used to it.

MOSH- So do you think you’ll be ready for Slam Dunk?

CS– Oh yer, definitely, can’t wait.

MOSH- So, have a good time, and it’s all go from now on.

CS– Yer man and you, thanks.

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