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Get Fit With The Ultimate Indie Alternative Workout Playlist! #musicgains

The ultimate alternative playlist!


Source: Pixabay

Well, summer is just around the corner and there will be another influx of gym memberships who are hoping to lose a few pounds in time for their summer vacations. Hey, buddies, just be yourself, not many people are actually a size 6 or have a six pack. But if you really need to do some extra fitness and want some decent tunes to get you through the wall here are a list of alternative tracks that you won’t find on any compilation CD with a hot girl in a leotard on the cover.

If you are me you spend longer making a playlist than actually working out, you can now save some valuable time by plugging to the HTF alternative work-out mix and this could just turn one soul-destroying gym session into a ..slightly less soul-destroying gym session. Now you can sweat to the cool sounds of The Rakes, Joy Division, and The Walkmen, before pausing to ramp up the volume to drown out the sound of that bloody Tulisa single from years ago that never seems to leave the gym playlist.

Now let’s get physical people and fell the burn (baby burn).

Dog Goes to the Gym

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