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ACDC Frontman Forced To Quit Next Tour – Here’s Who We Think Should Fill In!

With AC/DC’s vocalist Brian Johnson out of action for their next tour, we take a look at a trio of choices for his temporary replacement. Find out more inside.

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So, it would appear that the next tour of rock legends AC/DC has been put on hold, after front-man Brian Johnson has been warned that carrying it out may result in his total hearing loss. The yet-to-be released re-scheduled tour dates are, as previously stated, are yet to be released, with the band saying that a guest vocalist will probably be the temporary solution.

Who will take up the mantle though? It’s gonna take some serious balls to fill those shoes and some serious screeching to hit all the notes to Back In Black (hit them well we might add, we at the MOSH office can all ‘hit’ those notes, just to varying degrees of pleasantry). We had a little think and came up with a few suggestions. If any of these do end up being correct, we’re totally claiming psychic powers or some shit. Let us know what you think in the comments. 

Myles Kennedy

Frontman for both the legend that is Slash and Alter Bridge, Myles Kennedy is one hell of a performer with one hell of a voice! Reaching almost impossible feats of brilliance, this would be the ideal pairing to bring the electricity back to the band (get it?).

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