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A Musical Guide To The Zombie Apocalypse – From The First Sighting, To Your Inevitable Death!

With The Walking Dead back, we made our playlist for the Zombie Apocalypse. From first sightings to death and beyond, take a look inside to see our picks.

Source: Official Promo

Source: Official Promo

So, The Walking Dead is back on our telly-boxes once more, meaning we can gorge on the latter half of this season’s violence and intense storylines. Hard hitting and gritty stuff? ‘Eye’ think so (fans of the show will probably grown at this over-used pun now). However, it got us at MOSH thinking. What songs would we choose for each stage of the zombie apocalypse when (it’s coming, mark our words) it breaks out? Well, should we survive long enough, here’s our picks for some tunes during the epic fight for survival that we have all spent more time than we care to admit planning. 

First Zombie Sighting: Scream – Misfits

Let’s be honest with ourselves. Regardless of our aforementioned survival plans, when we first see a zombie wander into our midst, pants will be shit and there’s more than a likely chance that some form of vocal exclamation will fall from the lips of many. A ‘scream’ of sheer terror if you will. Misfits have got us covered for such an occasion, describing many of the feelings that will be coursing through our bodies upon first contact. Time to run like fuck and pick up the closest weapon you can find!

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