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A Dummies Guide To Rock Club Dancefloor Fillers

Being a DJ isn’t just about drinking and pressing play on tracks, you have to really create an atmosphere. Here’s what our resident DJ chooses to play.

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Source: Chris Hines

What many people don’t realise is that us out there who DJ, we are artists! Yes, you read that right A.R.T.I.S.T.S.

We don’t just stand there getting drunk, randomly pressing play oh no, we create. We create an atmosphere, we read the crowd constantly. Let say you have a room full of bikers in leather pants, black t-shirts, huge beards it is probably best not to play some happy ska punk from the 90’s.

Remember all those nights where you are in your favourite rock bar/club, you dance the night away, you drunkenly pull some random person you wont remember the next day, you party hard with your friends and then wake the next morning with a killer head and some blurry memories of an awesome night? You are welcome! We did that for you. We know you better than you know yourself and we know how to make you have the greatest nights of your life!

Right here, right now we are going to show you just a couple of those tracks that will fill that dance floor whatever night it is. These are the songs that just do not EVER fail to get a party jumping. We are giving you power here, never forget that with great power comes even greater nights. 

Iron Maiden – Run To The Hills

The thing about great songs is that they never get old, it is a theme that you will see many times in this list. This is a bonafide classic! Many tracks will make a person jump around, many track will make a person play air guitar but this track will get pretty much everyone playing air drums along with that chorus.

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