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7 Things We Love About BABYMETAL’s New Video – ‘Karate’

Stop everything! The new BABYMETAL video has landed and it’s awesome! Find out what we love most about ‘Karate’ right here.

Source: Video Screenshot

Source: Video Screenshot

All hail the Fox God – Babymetal are well and truly back! (Not that they ever really went away). Ahead of the release of their second album, Metal Resistance’, the kawaii metallers have unleashed an awesome video for ‘KARATE’. Here are the things we love about it the most!

1. The Dramatic Opening Sequence

The video begins with a dramatic opening scene, accompanied by an eerie horror soundscape that has you on tenterhooks until that heavy groove riff kicks in. Br00tal.

2. Wait, Are Those White Dementors?

Those of you familiar with Harry Potter will be able to see the resemblance between Babymetal’s nemeses and the popular film series’ Dementors, evil soul leeches that feed on human happiness. Perhaps these ones aren’t quite as scary (the sparkly diamanté masks eliminate the threat somewhat), but they still give the video a sinister edge.

3. The Killer Choreography!

Babymetal are known for their crazy dance routines, and ‘Karate’ is no exception. Combining dance with kickass karate moves, this is some of the best choreography we’ve seen from the girls yet.

4. The Special Effects

Watching ‘KARATE’ is like watching a mini anime movie. It’s beautifully shot and the special effects add that extra touch to the visuals.

5. The Girls Have Grown Up…Sort Of

Although they don’t appear to have aged…AT ALL. Su-Metal has really come into her own as a frontwoman, whilst Yui-Metal and Moa-Metal are rocking the black armour and tutu skirt combo and looking totally badass. You can tell from their faces that they mean business. Suck it haters, they’re headlining Wembley Arena in a couple of weeks.

6. The Bit When Moa-Metal Catches The Dragonfly

C’mon, that shit’s pretty awesome.

7. Turns Out It’s Babymetal Who Are The White Dementor Thingys

Who doesn’t love a twist?

Check out the full video for ‘Karate’ below!

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