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6 Reasons Why Mark Hoppus Is The Pop Punk Equivalent Of Beyoncé

We all know that Mark Hoppus is a legend, but we here at Mosh believe that he is our pop punk Beyonce. Here’s why…

mark hoppus

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Here at Mosh, we just really love Mark Hoppus. He is someone who constantly surprises us with his talent, immaturity and outrageously funny tweets. And we wouldn’t have him any other way.

But we all know how funny Mark is—Blink’s discography is pretty much one long stand-up routine. But what many of us are unaware of is that Mark Hoppus is basically the pop punk equivalent of Beyoncé. B is a role model for many female artists, just like Mark is pretty much the shining beacon of the pop punk scene.

You get what we’re saying, right? You kind of see the comparison? No? We’re crazy? Okay.

Here are the 6 (possibly crazy) reasons why we think Mark Hoppus is our pop-punk Beyoncé.

  1. Everyone knows Beyoncé just like everyone knows Mark Hoppus – If someone said name one person who is the epitome of pop punk, the answer will always be “Mark Hoppus”. No doubt. He sums up the genre.
  2. Like Queen B, King M will never age or get “old” – Beyoncé has been around since 1990 and is still as relevant as ever (maybe more so). Mark has been around just as long, and although many people call him “dad”, he will never stop being that immature, purple-haired, pop-punker that we know and love. He will always be an angsty, emo kid and Blink will always be the angsty, juvenile soundtrack to our lives.
  3. Way with words – Beyoncé is known for her catchy, “fuck you” lyrics (“Middle fingers up / put them hands high / wave it in his face / tell him, boy, bye”) and pop punk is pretty much defined by this kind of sass and cheekiness. Mark is all about ways of saying “fuck you” without actually saying it—sometimes he says it (“Hate the jocks, the preps, the hippie fuckin scumbags / heavy metallers with their awful pussy hair bands”).
  4. They are both unbelievably entertaining to watch—Where Beyoncé commands a stage with her dancing, Mark owns the stage with his chaotic pop punk jumping and guitar tricks.
  5. Like Beyoncé, Mark is also a role model—though Mark’s influence is probably a lot more of ‘what not to do’ and ‘how to detect sarcasm’, but still. Mark (alongside the other blink-182 members) has inspired a generation. Many of our favourite bands are where they are today because of Blink.
  6. No one compares – Everyone always goes on about how other female artists can’t touch Beyoncé in the R&B/pop world, and the same goes for Mark/Blink in the pop punk world. They are the face of the genre and it’s hard to see anyone ever coming close.

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