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5 Tips On How To Get Your New Band Further!

Time to up our game!

The-1975 Reading Festival

Source: Chris HinesSo you think you have the talent to start your very own band yeah? Reckon you could be the next Oasis, ACDC or Led Zeppelin? Well, what you need is some guidance to get you to super-stardom.

As much as we would all like to think that good talent will always get noticed, these days there are so many bands that it’s so easy to get lost in the pile. To help you out we have compiled our top 5 tips to make sure you make the best impact you can right from the very start.

Foo Fighters

Source: Official Promo

Secure the band name!

Deciding on a band name is usually the hardest part of starting a band and usually the first thing to cause an inter-band argument as one person wants to call the band ‘Hate Fish’ and the other ‘Death By Numbers’. One thing to make sure before you even get to that stage though is check that the name isn’t being used already. There’s a few ways you can check this. Firstly, Google is your friend. Search the name and see what pops up (Tip: Put the name in quotes to do an exact search). Also check social media accounts to see if anyone has the name. And finally check to see if anyone has registered the .com/ – Click here to check domain names. If someone already has you might not want to conflict. The main thing to remember about band names is to try to make them memorable and, usually, simpler names are better. To be honest though, even the most stupid name will soon be cool if you’re any good (even Dave Grohl thinks the Foo Fighters is a shit name). Your band’s abilities can make the name better than what it seems at first glance!

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