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5 Things We Learnt From Taylor Swifts Incredible Hyde Park Show!

All hail Queen T!


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The last few years has seen Taylor Swift go from the innocent ‘Love Story’ country girl to one of the biggest performers on the entire planet. Gracing London’s Hyde Park recently (27th June) to around 65,000 people, Taylor performed what was probably one of her biggest shows to date and anyone in attendance was shown quite clearly why Taylor is now ‘Queen Of Pop’. Here’s five things we learnt from attending this incredible performance.

1. Most Taylor Swift Fans Don’t Know Thug Story Even Exists!

After mentioning Taylor’s incredible rap duet with T-Pain to a number of gig-goers, it appears that the modern-day “Swiftie” has no idea this masterpiece even exists. What we see as one of her finest moments seems to have missed the new breed of fans but from our persistence to educate people we think at least a few people would have checked it out when they got home. #IKNITSWEATERSYO!

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