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5 Reasons Why Miley Was The Worst VMA Host Ever

We miss you, Hannah Montana.

Miley Cyrus - Dead Petz

Source: Official Facebook Page

MTV‘s yearly Video Music Awards ceremony has a reputation for being somewhat of a spectacle and it always manages to play host to memorable celebrity moments that the public continue to talk about weeks after it’s aired. 2015 has been no different, though not even Bieber‘s emotional outburst or the start of Kayne‘s 2020 election campaign were enough to mask the horrors of Miley Cyrus’ attempt to host the show.

Here’s five reasons why Miley was the *comic guy voice* worst. Host. Ever.

1. Those ridiculous outfits

Now, here at HTF we think people should be free to wear whatever they like, however there is a point when it just becomes a little too bizzare. If you’ve ever had the pleasure of looking through her Instagram, her outlandish choices probably came as no surprise. As each outfit change revealed something weirder than before, her cry to be the centre of attention at all times became more uncomfortable to watch. Out of everything though, the worst outfit choice had to be the dreadlocks she wore on the red carpet before the event had even begun (perhaps a sign they should’ve called it off there and then). Many have deemed the move as cultural appropriation and after Miley recently dismissed Nicki Minaj‘s important comments about racism in pop as self-centered, it couldn’t BE more ironic or embarrassing. We’re so glad Nicki called her a Bitch during her speech!

2. Her reaction to Kanye’s speech

Kanye‘s 13 minute acceptance speech for his Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award certainly got everyone talking but as the host, we think Miley should have been a little bit more respectful. Sure, the man can talk. Maybe some of it made sense, maybe some of it didn’t. The point is that Kayne felt he had something important to say and when it cut back to Miley for the next link, the first thing she said was “Now we all know what happens to Kanye West when he smokes weed”. Jokes about pot from Cyrus, how original! The whole thing felt quite condescending and completely ruined the brilliant moment that just occured. This is not how you expect a host to treat guests and a fellow artist.

3. Her constant need for attention

Whether it was the lary outfits or the terrible jokes, it seemed like Miley would do almost anything to keep the attention on her. Clearly her days as a Disney kid have made their mark, giving her an almost fake presence the entire time as she tries to entertain the crowd with her ‘wacky’ persona. We’re not sure whether MTV hired Miley to make themselves look more ‘edgy’ but all it really did was make Miley look like an embarrassing mum trying to be remain relevant at all costs (and failing miserably). An awards show host’s job is to be is there to congratulate winners and push them into the spotlight, not try and steal the show for themselves.

4. Her use of language

The VMAs were broadcast on Sunday night with a slight delay, specifically because Miley was presenting and the producers sensed there might be a need to censor a few words. Without wanting to sound like we live in the dark ages, the amount of swearing she used throughout the show was verging on silly. Sure, we get it, she’s not squeaky clean Hannah Montana any more and she doesn’t give a shit and she’ll do whatever she wants, that’s just great. But unfortunately instead of making her look ‘cool’, it made her look like an excited child who’s just learnt her first naughty words from their older sibling. It’s boring and above all else the censoring is really annoying for TV viewers.

5. Her horrendous closing performance

Most award show presenters end their stint at the podium with a polite thank you and maybe a joke or two, but not Miley. Oh no, she ‘treated’ us to a performance of her new single ‘Dooo It’ complete with another stupid outfit and Flaming Lips’ Wayne Coyne holding a confetti cannon between her legs (no really, this wasn’t a weird dream). Oh, and she also announced that her new album Dead Petz would be available online for free, y’know, just in case she hadn’t already tried to make the night all about her. Less surprising was the fact that ‘Dooo It’ was all about her love of weed, claiming “yeah I smoke pot…I don’t give a fuck”. Funnily enough Miley, neither do we.

What did you think of Miley‘s presenting skills? Did you hate it as much as we did? Let us know below!

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