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5 Reasons To Get Excited About The Nine Inch Nail Tour

Nine Inch Nails kick off their UK tour on the 19th May and we have come up with 5 reasons to get you excited! Not that you should need any.


This month sees the mighty Nine Inch Nails return to the UK to take part in their first full headline tour since 2009, thats a whole 5 years we have been waiting! Here at the Hit The Floor towers, we can’t contain our excitement at the thought of seeing Trent Reznor and co hit the stage once again. We got so excited that we made a top 5 list about why this tour is going to be beyond amazing and why NIN are still one of the most important bands out there at the moment! So here we go.

First Headline UK Tour since 2009
After announcing an hiatus back in 2009 for the forseeable future, the last time NIN toured the UK was way back in 2009, which was a good 5 years ago now. Knowing that Trent Reznor is bringing back one of the greatest bands on the planet back to the UK this spring, fills us with so much excitement. Despite playing Reading last summer, a NIN headline show is unlike any other on the planet!

02 Arena Show
The tour will stop off at the 02 Arena for another sold out show, the last time NIN headlined here they played a career spanning set and even a special appearance from techno-goth legend Gary Numan. Check out the video below as they cover Numan’s iconic track ‘Cars’, it was probably one of the best live shows to ever hit the 02 Arena and in a few weeks time, Trent and Co. will be back to smash it yet again.

Hesitation Marks Was Amazing
Last year Nine Inch Nails made a triumphant return to music with the release of the breathtaking album Hesitation Marks and we can not wait to hear some of those songs live for the first time! Coming back with an album so strong was a true testament to the writing talents of Trent and his troupe, it had that classic NIN sound that we have all come to love ever so well.

Hurt Live
This will bring a tear to any grown man, live it will stop your thinking patterns has Trent’s eerie performance sends an almighty shiver down your spine. It’s one of the most iconic songs out there and for the last 25 years it has been one of most mesmerising songs to watch live, it unites everyone in attendance. Just look at its beauty, all hail Reznor and his pipes of gold, the video below just proves that this song is untouchable!

Trent Reznor Is God
Well what can be said about this man, without him there wouldnt be Nine Inch Nails, this band is his baby. Trent Reznor has been the face of industrial rock for the past 25 years, with his musical talents creating some of the most revolutionary and intriguing sounding music out there. Mixing all elements from slugdy electric guitars, ambient electronic interludes and those husky vocals Trent has been the staple of the industrial rock world. NIN are one of the greatest bands to ever grace this planet all thanks to talents of Mr Reznor, who is a god amongst men.

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