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5 Photoshop Scandals That Will Shock You

We all love Photoshop, but what happens when its gone too far? Read more about the latest scandals here.

Source: Vogue

Source: Vogue

Photoshop is used for means of touch ups on photos, but what happens when it can be a bit excessive and cause a media stir? We at Hit The Floor investigated the top 5 Photoshop scandals and this is what we found:

Source: Ellen Von Unwerth For GQ

The beauties from ABC’s Pretty Little Liars were recently shot for an GQ layout that’s caused backlash. Troian Bellisario, who plays the character Spencer, took to Instagram to speak honestly about the photos being overly touched up. She states: “My hips and thighs are a part of me (even though they magically weren’t in some shots!”). She then posted untouched photos from the shoot. Although she does admit that Photoshop is necessary at times: “This industry seems to invest more in perfection than in flaw.”


Source: Cosmopolitan

Brand Ann Taylor found itself in hot water following a recent ad of their model wearing a bikini. But that wasn’t the issue, the model was pictured wearing a blue bikini with one arm resting across her body. After a second glance, it is clear that her waist and hips appear to be two drastically different widths. In addition to where her hand meets her opposite arm, a  significant portion of her torso seem to be cut out. Ann Taylor customers are angry at what they call a ‘hideous Photoshop fail’.



Source: Huffington Post

Target has by far made the worst Photoshop mistake. Back in March the company created quite a stir when they ran an ad with a photoshopped picture of a model wearing a Junior’s bikini. They tried not to create a thigh gap, but  it went disturbingly wrong. The brand forgot to make sure her lady parts were there. Not only did they create a mess with the thighs, but a huge chunk of her undercarriage is missing. The photo itself is just a big mess and Target has since removed the image from their website.


Source: Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga for Versace spring/summer 2014 un-retouched photos are the latest to have surfaced. This started a controversy as the leaked shots showed a much less glamorous Gaga than the official Photoshopped ads. In the images looks natural and it looks like she is wearing very little or no makeup at all. There even seemed to be several bruises on her legs, which does show a very natural, untouched Gaga. If that is shocks you, then the fact that her hair even seemed to be altered from a dark golden to a lighter shade with white undertones. Regardless of the changes that were done via Photoshop on the singer, she looks still looks amazing. Will this scandal affect fashion house’s sales negatively due to the bad publicity? We’ll have to keep an eye on this one.


Beyoncé has found her herself in the hot seat with apparently being accused of Photoshopping her own thighs. This has caused a major frenzy amongst the social networking sites because Mrs. Carter was considered to be proud of her curves. Did Beyoncé doctor up some personal snaps of herself soaking up the rays in the Dominican Republic? A picture was posted on Instagram capturing the singer having fun playing a game of golf. But her thighs in her striped bikini bottoms seem to have been altered to create thinner thighs. Along comes the dreaded ‘thigh gap’ that size zero admirers worship. Everyone seems to agree, Queen B does not need any Photoshopping.

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