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Did You Know These Musicians Are Secretly Marvel Nerds?

If you think being a Marvel nerd is uncool, you’re wrong because these artists all love it… and they’re pretty awesome!

Source: Marvel

Source: Marvel

For most of us, being a nerd in school meant that you were uncool. Nowadays, being a ‘nerd’ is in and to confirm that, we’ve found some artists who you may not realise are massively into Marvel. So what are you going to do next time someone tells you that loving a comic book franchise is nerdy? Show them this and remember that you were uncool before being uncool was cool.


At Ciara’s 30th birthday party recently, Beyoncé turned up as X-Men heroine, Storm. Now while this is extremely, well, random, and some fans hit back saying that the singer was “appropriating nerd culture”, we reckon it’s pretty damn cool. Marvel also revealed that they want Bey to be in an upcoming Avengers film so we think if she wants to have a part in comic book culture, invite her in with open arms!

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