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3 Reasons Why Green Day Would Be The Perfect Band To Rob A Bank With

Green Day are back with a new video which sees them framed for a bank robbery – we thought of 3 reasons why they’d be the best accomplices!


Source: Facebook Page

American punk rockers Green Day have released a video for their new single ‘Bang Bang’ taken from their forthcoming album Revolution Radio, due out on October 7th.

The video sees the trio being framed for an armed bank robbery by three youths each wearing a mask of the band members – totally foolproof disguise! The song itself is pretty aggressive for Green Day, and it’s all the more awesome for it.

Watching the video got us thinking that Green Day (the real one that is!) would be the perfect band to rob a bank with* – here’s three reasons why:

  1. Billie Joe Armstrong has just landed his first major movie role, proving his prowess as an actor and making him the perfect decoy to distract the bank workers. We’re thinking staging a fake heart attack, whilst the rest of us make a quick break for the cash.
  2. Quick on his feet, drummer Tré Cool is the man you’d want in charge of the getaway. He’d have us out of the fed’s sight in no time!
  3. So we’ve got the cash and we’re rich beyond our wildest dreams….only we didn’t think of how suspicious it’s going to look to our friends, families and nosy neighbours. No problem – Mike Dirnt‘s coffee business Oakland Coffee Works is the perfect undercover for money laundering. Sorted!

Watch the video for ‘Bang Bang’ below.


*Disclaimer: MOSH does not endorse bank robbery, or criminal activity of any kind. Just so ya know…

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