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Why Katie Price Should Not Have Won Celebrity Big Brother!

We look at what makes a good CBB winner!

Source: Channel 5

This years Celebrity Big Brother came to an end last night, but for a lot of people watching it ended on quite a bum note as Katie Price took the CBB crown as this years winner.

Was she a deserving winner? Not really, and from the sounds of the boo’s as she exited the house, it seems that a lot of people share the same opinion.

Let’s be straight right from the start: Pricey is not a bad person and I don’t think anyone really has anything against her on a personal level. The question is, did she make a good housemate? And I think the simple answer to this is ‘not really’.

From her entrance on day 10 we expected something big to kick off with her fiery reputation, but all we really got was her hanging around in her PJ’s, talking about her ex’s, her sex life (in graphic detail I may add) and just generally not really standing out. In the words of Katie Hopkins, who probably provided Pricey’s only stand-out moments, she was “very magnolia, apart from a very deep and exceptional tan”.

I guess we really should define what the qualities of a good house mate are before we dig any further. Personally speaking, a good housemate should be someone who is entertaining and someone who we feel has played the game, done “the journey” and proved themselves in some way or another. That could be by annoying the hell out of us for a month but being entertaining at the same time, or us having gone through and shared something with that person. They should be a person that we tune in to see what they are doing next.

Looking at the other finalists, they fit so much more into these criteria.

Calum Best for example went in to try to wash away the whole ‘playboy’ image he had and has come out the other side as being seen a true gent and an honest guy. Keith Chegwin may have been “Switzerland” but he managed to conquer a house full of insanity and still remain the lovable, happy man that we know as our national treasure. Michelle Visage has come in standing up for her cause and also managed to remain dignified even in the face of adversity. And then we have Perez Hilton and Katie Hopkins.

We all hated Perez BUT at least he made the series entertaining. We didn’t want him to win but I don’t think we would have felt cheated if he did as we know how much he brought to the show. And finally, Katie Hopkins has gone through the biggest change of them all. She entered the house as Britain’s Most Hated Women and through-out her time in the house, has managed to change public opinion about her (maybe not everyone, but still a lot), prove that deep down she does have a heart in there somewhere and has also provided hours of entertainment that have kept us coming back for more. Yes she still comes out with a lot of shit, but we have seen a whole new side of her as well and that has been a big thing.

Back to Katie Price….what’s her story? She came in with high expectations from the public and housemates, everyone found out she was just very normal and she kind of just stayed out of everything. If you tuned in every day to see what Pricey was up to then you must have been pretty bored. As stated earlier, she was a nice person but she was far from entertaining enough to be crowned a winner. And, as much as she hates this being brought up, she did come in late and didn’t have to live through the 10 days of Perez hell that everyone else did. Her journey has been far more simple than everyone else’s and, unfortunately for her, this has to be considered.

The good thing is, at least she knows and accepts this. She has constantly said that CBB did not get their monies worth with her and she has no idea why she won.  You have to respect the fact that she is open about that.

So why did she win? Put simply, she’s Katie Price, that’s why. Out of everyone in the house she has by far the biggest UK fan base and I’m pretty sure that it’s simply down to that; 2.2 million likes on Facebook and 1.97 million followers on Twitter and by far the biggest UK celebrity in the house will have it’s effect.

I guess the final question then, who should have won? Based on everything said, Katie Hopkins or Calum.

As much as people still dislike Hopkins she still entertained and has gone through the biggest transformation. To go in as the most hated housemate in CBB history and come out to mostly cheers is a huge achievement. Calum, as stated before, changed the whole publics perception of him, he proved himself to be an absolute legend and for that he would have been a more deserving winner.

I guess in the end, Pricey winning was the final twist in this years Twisted Fairytale.

After the most explosive CBB in it’s history will we ever top it? I guess we will have to wait until summer to find out. Do you think Katie Price was a worthy winner? Let us know in the comments!

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