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Inbetweeners: Best Moments

Our selection of The Inbetweeners’ Best Moments

Source: Inbetweeners 2

After creating the new record for the best opening day comedy in the UK, we look at the Inbetweeners best moments. The Inbetweeners 2 has taken £2.75million in its first day on the big screens.

It smashed its own record of £2.58million for the first installment, The Inbetweeners Movie. The second film sees Will (Simon Bird), Simon (Joe Thomas) and Neil (Blake Harrison) visit  Jay (James Buckley) in Australia who is on a gap year.


1. Bus Wanker 

If it is not everybody’s favourite, it is still up there. The famous ‘Bus Wankers’ quote. When driving to London, Jay randomly shouts ‘bus wankers’ at innocent people waiting at the bus stop. As they get further into London, Jay does it again before they get held up in a traffic jam before apologising. Oooh sorry.


2. Boat Scene

While on a sociology trip to Swanage, the four all contribute to a disastrous event while in the harbour. Firstly, the boat engine breaks, then Simon falls into the water, after more panicking they reel in a fish, not a shark, not a whale, but a fish, all hell breaks lose from here. Jay sets off a flair and demands they call the “sea police”. Neil, is quick to the rescue and punches the fish to death.


3. Fashion Show

It was the first time that the Inbetweeners really shocked us. At a charity fashion show that Carly has organised, Simon offers to model, when strutting down the catwalk in an extremely tight pair of briefs, there is only one ending as one of his testicles slips out to a full room including his parents. Ball wanker.


4. Bumder

As the famous four truant from sixth form, they get drunk and spend the day at Neil’s fathers house – whose sexuality is at the subject of their conversations frequently. When Neil’s father returns he is outraged and expects Will to know better. Ironically, Will knows nothing better and lays a barrel of abuse into him before calling him a ‘bumder’. Later explaining that it is “a mixture of bummer and bender.”


5. Of course, the dance scene

In the first Inbetweeners movie, the four go on a lads holiday, and while at a bar see a group of girls at the opposite side of the room. In no better manner of approach them in the most hilarious fashion. The famous dance has even been seen in football celebrations and many other areas of popular culture.

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