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Concepts – Transitions | EP Review

Concepts have just released their debut EP ‘Transitions’. Find out what we thought of it here!


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Hailing from Huston, Texas, Concepts aren’t shy of a little hard work and their debut EP Transitions is testament to that. Well, a lot of hard work as vocalist, Aaron Isbell illustrates:

We feel that this EP represents our hard work, dedication, and the sacrifices that we’ve made to make it this happen. We’ve been through so much to get this release finished and ready for fans, and we are more than proud to finally be able to show people who we are.

Their sound brings together elements of electronic with more melodic patches and a strong nod to hardcore at its forefront – a mix which has proven itself to be incredibly popular right now. And popular they will be if this release is anything to go by.

Elaborating on that point, the EP is incredibly well balanced. Whatever heavier elements a song contains, this is equally balanced with something  more subdued which makes Concepts a very listenable band. Take the EP’s opener,  ‘Posthumous‘, for example. Aaron Isbell’s unclean vocals are without a shadow of a doubt the most dominant force in the track, but it’s Blake Williams’ clean vocals and those dramatic synths which are woven throughout that give the track extra drama and flare – kind of like one huge tapestry of sonic delights.

It’s this drama that makes Concepts stand out from the crowd. They create such a full, almost cinematic sound on tracks such as ‘Mirrors‘ and ‘Abomination‘; while they up the ante on ‘Vultures‘ which sees the band play around with more intricate vocal melodies and bigger riffs.

However the most promising track on the EP has to be its title track. Working hard to get where they are now, it almost seems as if Concepts have perfectly immortalised their journey in this song and is where their strength in songwriting really shines through.

All in all, this is an incredibly strong offering from Concepts and quite frankly, you should be listening to Transitions right now.

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