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Tales of the Scales

The only numbers people are really interested in, anyway, are the 11 digits that appear on the top of our phone contracts. So just forget about the scales!



If you’re fairly mathematically orientated, you’d have probably recognised that the above integers make up that strange symbol that always stumped us during Period 3 maths and has us thinking of steak and kidney stuffed pastries instead: Pi.

If you knew that many numbers beyond just 3.14, then you should seriously consider using this skill as your go-to party trick. However, I’d still avoid reading the next few words…

Who cares? They are just numbers.

Unless you’re meticulously measuring each slither of butter for the shortcrust pastry to cover the steak and kidney pie you now feel compelled to bake (sorry!), I feel that scales should just remain an entity confined to the corner of the gym. All that scales display is a range of numbers which, more often than not, we’d ideally rather not see, lest they leave us feeling disappointed, unhappy and defeated.

Yet why is it that we still become so hung up on these numbers? I’d understand if we were perhaps forced to wear plastic dashboards everywhere we go, containing summaries of our personal information, but unless the postman is asking for your door number, the only number people are really interested in, anyway, is the 11 digits that appear on the top of our phone contracts. So just forget about the scales!


We all know that muscle weighs more than fat, and unfortunately for us ladies, different times of the month determine whether the scales are going to be our friend for a couple of weeks or something we’re likely to avoid like the plague. I know that I’d much rather weigh more with a greater muscle ratio, than weigh less with a greater fat ratio. Sometimes you can end up convincing yourself that you look different in the mirror because the scales said so – yet really, come the morning, you’ve lost that 2kg dumbbell equivalent you thought you’d miraculously gained last night.

There aren’t exactly weight boundaries to dress sizes, so whether you’re 8-stone, 10-stone or 13-stone, a size 12 item of clothing can look equally as attractive on all of you. So unless you’re discussing the weight of your newborn baby, forget about the scales this summer. Say goodbye to those disappointed and defeated feelings and focus on strutting a dress size of your floral skirt instead.

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