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Demystifying the Dating Game: Are There ‘Rules’ to Texting?!

When it comes to texting the person you fancy, patience is a virtue. Trust.


Entering the dating scene is scary business, I have to say. When you finally do meet a new suspect, it feels like there are a billion different rules you have to follow to successfully ‘win them over.’

One thing that always gets me is this: how long do you wait to simply text someone back? Being female, there’s always the worry that if you don’t get a response in 2.122zillion seconds then you aren’t in with a chance. So, I’ve gone over many scenarios that can justify that long awaited text back and how long I should take to respond to the lucky fella.

So, the first thing I asked myself is: are there actually any rules? If someone wants to text you, they will. No ifs and buts – if you and your newly found love interest have a spark, you will always make time to respond to each other. There may be times when you feel like ripping your hair out waiting for a reply, but time is virtue… which leads on to my next subject.

Not only do other people take what seems like a lifetime to reply, it goes both ways. Technically speaking, nothing is official when you’re simply dating and people do actually have lives outside their mobile phones.


Outside the world of phones, people do socialise. They go to work, see their families and even have this weird thing called ‘chill-out time.’ People do have busy lives no matter what they’re up to and a harmless message can slip one’s mind after a hefty day of working, visiting friends or family or, hell, even a day of spring cleaning. Mobile phones are glued onto your hand so the occasional text can be forgotten about. So if they don’t reply within the hour, you shouldn’t take it personally! You haven’t lived unless you’ve forgotten to text someone back three weeks too late. Whoops…

So, does it actually make any difference if there are rules? NO! Dating opens up a whole world of people and you have to take it one day at a time. If they truly wanted to see and talk to you again, they would make the effort! If they don’t make any effort to drop a message, the answer is simple; go out, have fun and show em what they’re missing out on!

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