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I Followed Random YouTube Hair Tutorials And Here Are The Results!

Are YouTube hair tutorials workable in the real world? We tried some to find out!


Here at The Closet, along with the rest of the world, we’re obsessed with YouTube hairstyle tutorials. As YouTubing and vlogging has evolved, though, some of those hairstyles are getting more and more complex. Are they workable in the real world?! We decided to try out three different ones we found.

I gave it my best shot although, granted, I’m not the best with my hair. I’m more of a ‘leave it as natural as possible and try not to brush it’ kinda gal.

Look One: 80s Rock of Ages

...and after

…and after

The first style I tried appealed to me most. This is 80s, Rock of Ages-style hair… and pretty much how I wear my hair whenever I go out. It was by far the easiest to do, as I think many others would agree. It required backcombing, dry shampoo, hairspray, water spray and a diffuser for your hairdryer but if, like me, you have naturally curly hair, it works just as well without the diffuser!

Look Two: The Bun-Hawk

The ‘bun-hawk’ essentially involved making small buns all over my head in a mohawk style. This was fairly simple to do, though I didn’t really get the lines right – but this was very hard to do without any help! You only really need a brush, comb, hair bands and perhaps some grips. Finish it all off with some hairspray to touch up any strays. I think it’s a nice style and could potentially look pretty cool… just not on me. And maybe get a helping hand or two to make it looks really polished!

Look Three: Dutch Braids

dutch braids
This was probably the most stressful 30 minutes of my week – I nearly pulled my hair out in frustration! I can do plaits very competently but, as I have now discovered, I cannot do Dutch braids (or at least not very well). I just have no idea how the girl in the tutorial created this tricky style so quickly and so well! I find things with my hair very difficult to do without someone else helping me out, possibly due to my big, curly hair.

I started by sectioning my hair into two and giving myself and side-parting. Then, working downwards from the back of my head, I created an inverse plait. I managed to get it done but it wasn’t as tight or polished as the tutorial. Maybe with a lot more practice I could perfect the Kim K look, but for now I won’t be going out with this hairstyle any time soon!

Images via Anne Bullen / YouTube

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