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From ‘It’ Girl To Fashion Icon: Alexa Chung’s Style Evolution

With an enviable wardrobe and slightly gawky personality, Alexa Chung is the kind of girl we want to be best friends with. Track her style evolution here.

She’s been one of our girl crushes for years, but seeing Alexa Chung on the cover of July’s Harper’s Bazaar affirms the fact that, even in a world where the Kardashian-Jenners decree the latest trends, British girls have still got it. And Alexa Chung has ‘it’ in droves – so much so that the title of her book was, naturally, ‘It‘.

With a seemingly endless list of job titles to her name (model, TV presenter, journalist, brand ambassador… we could go on), it’s hard to pinpoint what it is that Chung actually does – in her Bazaar interview, even she concedes that her career is a “shit show free-for-all” – but, whatever she turns her hand to, she seems to do it brilliantly. And stylishly.

With her enviable ‘clothes horse’ physique, slightly gawky personality and unflappably British sense of humour, Chung is the kind of girl we want to be best friends with, even only in order to have a snoop around her wardrobe.

And while Ms Chung was seemingly born with the cool girl gene (which is basically why she has a Mulberry bag named after her, and we don’t… *sobs*), she wasn’t always as polished-looking as she is now. Her style has gradually evolved, becoming less tomboy-esque and more feminine, with her hemlines getting lower year after year. She’ll always be the queen of denim cut-offs, though, obvs.

Check out the gallery below to see Chung’s style evolution.

Images via Instagram

October 2004

Alexa wears a waistcoat (remember those?!), jeans and a white shirt to the Diesel U-Music Awards. To be fair it is a typical Chung look – it’s simple and classic without too much fuss – but we don’t imagine she owns those straight-leg jeans any more, even though they could be considered some sort of normcore fashion statement in 2015…

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