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Fancy Looking Glam While Getting Drunk in a Field? Here Are 2017’s Best Festival Beauty Trends

Because pre-festival planning can be stressful enough, we’ve round up some of 2017’s hottest festival beauty trends so you don’t need to give your make-up bag too much thought. Just copy these and you’re good to go.

It’s safe to say that we’re well and truly into the summer months and, with Glastonbury recently marking the start of the festival season, it’s a good time to look at popular festival beauty trends to get you fully prepped for the weeks ahead. So, whether you’re going to a festival, having a summer holiday, or just enjoying the sunshine in your own back garden, here are a few of the best festival beauty trends of 2017.

Transfer Tattoos

Transfer tattoos have made a comeback from the 90s over the last few years, and they’re more prominent than ever in 2017. The metallic glittery tats seem to be leading the way, making a fantastic addition to any festival outfit.

Glitter Eyes

This is perhaps one of the most ‘typical’ or clichéd festival beauty trends. What can we say? Having extremely glittery eyes is the norm at festivals these days. One of the easiest and universal ways to wear it is in a ‘C’ shape, starting just above the brow and finishing just below the eye, at the top of the cheekbone. It looks really cute and, although it’s everywhere, it’s popular for a reason; glitter eyes are a great way to transform a bog-standard summer outfit into a festival-ready look.

Mermaid Colour Scheme

One thing that’s become very prominent in the festival world is the trend for ‘mermaid’ colour schemes. This is a universal, multi-purpose look, which can be applied to hair, nails, make-up, jewellery and clothes. Not sure what we mean by a ‘mermaid’ look? We’re talking beautiful pinks, blues, purples and silvers, with a bit of highlight and/or glitter thrown into the mix. The overall look has a mermaid-y, fairy princess-esque vibe. Is it any wonder it’s so popular in the festival scene?

Space Buns 

Not only is a space bun hair style extremely practical during the warmer months, because it keeps your hair off your face and out of the way, it’s also one of the most popular ways of styling your hair while at a festival. It’s yet another throwback to the 90s and it’s super easy to achieve… easier than you think. Watch a quick tutorial here.

Bright Nails

And now for our final popular festival beauty trend of 2017: bright nails. Honestly, anything goes when it comes to festival nails, but it looks really cute to wear the brightest-of-bright nail varnishes to finish off your festival look.

What are your favourite popular festival beauty trends of 2017?

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