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Review: Zinc – Sprung EP

Zinc does it again. Welcome to 2012 dance domination! We take a listen to the new EP ‘Sprung’ here…

Artist: Zinc
Sprung EP

Release Date: 19/12/11

Zinc who once started on Pirate radio is a solid foundation of the electronic music scene. Working with some of the biggest names with a career that spans the years and has  spawned many new and interesting genres. He is even the master that created one of my favourite remixes of all time. Fugees – Ready Or Not.

Zinc’s Crack House EPs have been legendary within House Music circles, providing around 76 minutes of pure house heaven. Now he is about to set dance floors alight all over again with his latest 4 track EP, ‘Sprung’.

Just to paint a picture, I’m currently sitting in my office listening to this on cold Friday morning with a coffee and a cigarette. 11 in the morning is no time to listen to this. As all I found that I wanted to do was dance around the room in such a way I never knew I could. The E.P may have its roots planted in the house music soil, but Zinc still manages to cross multiple other genres in masterful and mystical way.

The tracks ‘Juicy Fruit’ and ‘Unlike Me’ are very house based with hints of dubstep, drum and bass, and even a little drop of jungle. Which gives the tracks punch, and a feel that is familiar enough to let you dance, yet different enough to make you pay attention. You can also hear the London dance scene coursing though the heart of these tracks. A scene that Zinc has helped shape.

‘Recovered’ and ‘Sprung’, the other tracks on the ‘Sprung’ EP are nothing short of insane. ‘Recovered’ starts with a simple beat, then wind starts to blow, horse starts to nay, then the vocals kick in. Giving the track a uneasy feel to it. I can feel the dance floors crumbling from here. ‘Sprung’, my personal favourite, has every sign of a massive anthem. Simple vocal sample. A kicking backing track, breakdown and a build up to break even the strongest man. This song has made it on to my turn tables, and I can’t wait to play it out.

This is a must, one of the most interesting EPs I have heard in a long time. I can’t wait to see whatwill bring us in 2012.

‘Sprung’ is out for Digital Download on 19th Decemeber on Crack House/Rinse

Reviewer: Danny Atticus

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