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Winchester – Life Begins At These Dead Ends | Album review

The debut album from Winchester is set for release in February but we’re here with our first thoughts on it.


Source: Album Artwork

Winchester have exploded onto the hardcore scene with their debut album, Life Begins At These Dead EndsThe band hail artists such as Fightstar, Funeral for a Friend, and Architects as influencers, but without this knowledge beforehand, any listener would easily be able to establish this when listening to the album. It mixes emotional lyrics and haunting singing, with heavier screamo and post-hardcore guitar riffs.

‘Set Me Apart’ is one prime example of the band’s versatility. The song begins slow melodic, but the heavier beats aren’t far off with a built up to some powerful riffs. Alternatively, ‘Problem’ is just that bit lighter and easier on the ears, allowing the beat and lyrics to stand out more – apart from an explosive finale.

The creative but solely instrumental ‘At These’ has clear influences from bands like Funeral for a Friend, whereas final track ‘Dead Ends’ rounds up the album nicely.

Also, touché for the track listings to begin with ‘Life Begins’ and end with ‘Dead Ends’ – a smart touch when noticed!

What’s best about this album is that although it’s raw, it has just the right amount of screamo, making it perfect for fans new to the scene or listeners who want something they can rock out to but that is also refreshing and, in parts, emotional too.

Overall, Life Begins At These Dead Ends is a refreshing debut album for the post-hardcore scene, establishing that Winchester are not a band to be missed.

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